Just Chillin' And Bleedin'

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Adam H.
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This dude is pretty fucking bad ass. After he getting his arm nearly hacked off with a machete, and his neck gashed as well, he doesn't seem to have any fucks to give. I think he just called up and ordered a pizza. All that bleeding is making him hungry.

  • crazyvet February 18, 2015

    Another fucking soccer player trying to show how tough he is.

  • coonboy February 18, 2015

    He'll be good at giving reach arounds if he makes it.

  • fistermister February 18, 2015

    I bet he looks both ways when he crosses the next street.

  • whobe February 18, 2015

    He's called Ron to double check if he wants some arm pussy.

  • iluvkitty February 18, 2015

    "Does anybody know the number for 911?" "WELL??? DOES ANYONE?"

  • yeknom February 18, 2015

    "No biggie, it's not my jerking hand."

  • vulture February 18, 2015

    he phone his wife told her he had a limp wrist...she thought he meant he was gay

  • realtalks February 18, 2015

    Throw some Tussin on it and get a roll of duct tape it's better than the 3rd world clinic you will end up at

  • darkmadness February 18, 2015

    "It's alright i can still rub one out tonight with my right hand"

  • picklehiesner February 18, 2015

    He's calling the guys with crocs and flip flops

  • dragonmut24 February 18, 2015

    lol no no u got it all wrong hes the guy who got hit by the car in the last video

  • bigtex February 18, 2015

    " u bedder axe sumbody!"

  • stenchfart February 18, 2015

    My definition of a tough motherfucker

  • fingers February 18, 2015

    He should put his hand in his pocket so he looks normal.

  • hellbent February 18, 2015

    Gotta hate it when the Mexican cartel can't finish the job. He's smiling cause he just won tge

  • truckingman February 18, 2015


  • sbohica February 18, 2015

    Poor bastard! That was his hitchhiking arm. Hes now a oneaplegic...

  • pizzapie February 18, 2015

    He acts like he has a splinter

  • kckilla February 19, 2015

    Rock, paper, scissors for the first last slice

  • vaticider February 19, 2015

    Dead man standing...for now...

  • cellule February 19, 2015

    *dial* 9... -Dude, where's the eleven?

  • suckzone February 22, 2015

    Someone tell him to put his shirt down. Nobody wants to see that fucking tire.

  • microwave104 June 9, 2015

    ahh that beautiful dream-like state where youve survived a horrific murder attempt and BEFORE the adrenaline and dopamine give way to excruciating pain and the reality sets in that you have a permanently wonky shaped arm

  • pernitious_520 July 2, 2015

    this guys all fuckt up bro shit he must be kinda drunk with adrenaline he looks like hes ready to go for beer before the hospital.BLOODY SHIT

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