Plain Clothes Cop Beats A Minor

Isn't it wonderful how a plain clothes cop can slam a high school kid to the ground, rape choke him, punch him in the face repeatedly and then charge him with assaulting an officer? The sheriff's office actually recommended the family file an official complaint, otherwise they won't bother to investigate it.

  • crazyvet February 19, 2015

    That screaming fucking girl makes me want to beat the shit out of a kid too.

    +21 -2
  • iluvkitty February 19, 2015

    The cop thought the minor was black.

    +4 -1
  • xizang February 19, 2015

    Cops have a valid social purpose: To thin out the population.

    All the bad cops give the other 1% a bad name.

    +2 -0
  • bobbabooey February 19, 2015

    Dumbass kids. Undercover cops are easy to spot at these things. If you're 17, don't drink in public, and if you get arrested, don't resist like this dipshit. I remember going to concerts when I was young and obvious UCs would ask me if I had any weed to sell them. My response? "First no, and second suck a dick, cop or not."

    +6 -2
  • whobe February 19, 2015

    He b power trippin.

    +0 -3
  • sirfartsalot February 19, 2015

    Our society has become full of self centered brats that think there entitled to everything. A good beating is a good way to give a much needed wake up call.

    +7 -3
  • vulture February 19, 2015

    another pig on a paid holiday

    +1 -3
  • cellule February 19, 2015

    Filmed by Michael J.Fox? I got sea sick..

    +7 -0
  • dozer67 February 19, 2015

    Have you dealt with the kids these days? They are very aggressive and nasty so yes Officer pound some respect back in that little fuck.

    +4 -2
  • realtalks February 19, 2015

    Would have been nice to see a little before and after video of what happened before the kid ended up on the ground. Look like he was resisting a little though

    +4 -1
  • potrostation February 19, 2015

    Did the other kids not notice 21 Jump Street?

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  • stenchfart February 19, 2015

    buncha suburbanites.. never had drama before

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  • immanuelkunt February 19, 2015

    Little pukeball probably ran his mouth a little too freely. Fix 'im good.

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  • longdonglow February 19, 2015

    screaming nooo stop! wont do a dam thing other than making me want to cork that mouth

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  • pizzapie February 19, 2015

    Time to beat the cameraman

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  • snowbunnies February 20, 2015

    Good time for someone to shoot that cop in the head and dissapear in the crowd, then alley way, then home.

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  • belisspermezeu February 21, 2015

    I also do this when I hear some fucktard going #YOLO

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  • thairish April 16, 2015

    Another stupid Adam H comment. No children were raped in the filming of this video as indicated by "Adam H".

    To assume a "minor" is incapable of hurting anyone is the same as a moderator saying fast food is healthy for you. Both are stupid statements. At 17, i was a minor and a combat medic in the Army. Minor and killed many.

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