She's Going Down

I'm surprised she hung on as long as she did. Where the fuck is Spiderman? Shouldn't he be swooping in to save the day? I guess she's on her own and probably with a broken leg or two. Just make sure to keep your knees bent when you land.

  • bobbabooey March 5, 2015

    I'm not jumping out until I'm starting to cook.

  • cellule March 5, 2015

    Nice drop, now roll.

  • corruptedsob March 5, 2015

    Get back in the kitchen , bitch my steaks burning .

  • dozer67 March 5, 2015

    3 story building? what a wimp, A Russian just jumps out to take the fast way down.

  • fistermister March 5, 2015

    The title you gave this video was not exactly what I was expecting.

  • realtalks March 5, 2015

    There's always some dumb ass yelling "are you ok", I would have been yelling what the fuck do you think bitch I just fell 3 stories from a burning building!!

  • fatlarry March 5, 2015

    Hey, I forgot my keys can you bring them on the way down?

  • truckingman March 5, 2015

    If I was her, I would prefer to have my legs and some more bones broken than Burn to DEATH in a MF" FIRE....

    ________, Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

  • supson March 6, 2015

    50 shades of grey pins holding your shattered legs and pelvis together after that fall. 10/10

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