She Just Wants A Ride

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Adam H.
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Yeah, locking your doors would be a good idea I guess. But I'd prefer to see you drive through there in a convertible. I'm sure those lions wouldn't mind eating one or two of the fuckers that sits and stares at them all day.

  • negrodeleto March 6, 2015

    I always lock my doors when i drive through the jungle. Never know when a Nig or Kunt will try and carjack you.

  • fingers March 6, 2015

    Of course you lock your doors. It's like being a piece of cake surrounded by fat chicks.

  • fistermister March 6, 2015

    Ok dad it's time to move the car on home. I need to change my panties.

  • bubbacrow March 6, 2015

    dumb bitch quote of the year and it's only march.

  • corruptedsob March 6, 2015

    Not my idea of picking up pussy .

  • bobbabooey March 6, 2015

    Siegfried and Roy should've just gone to Disneyland for vacation

  • longhungwong March 6, 2015

    She'd be lion if she said she didn't wet her panties.

  • picklehiesner March 6, 2015

    Hey Simba watch this I'm gunna go open their door to fuck with them

  • realtalks March 6, 2015

    These are the same type of people that will speed thru the hood with their doors locked and windows up scared as shit but they will chill and fuck with them man eating lions

  • whobe March 6, 2015

    All it wanted was a sandwich.

  • zedex March 6, 2015

    And shit was shat this day

  • scottishtits77 March 6, 2015

    That lion ain't got shit on those thieving monkeys in Cape Town - they're cheeky fuckers, just open up the doors and loot anything they can shove down their necks! I hate monkeys with a fucking passion. Not as much as I hate indian people, but still a lot. I'd happily watch some cool as a fucking cucumber lion eat a dumb bitch, but monkeys should be shot at the earliest opportunity. Cunts.

  • sbohica March 6, 2015

    Nice one verybigWong +1..

  • bite-me71 March 7, 2015

    Whats wrong? The lion was just trying to open a box lunch.

  • cellule March 7, 2015

    Lion said "fuck it, I'll super-size my meal and go for the minivan beside."

  • noihavetosaythis January 1, 2017

    I wished . . . . . I sooo so so wished . . .

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