A Drunk And An Elephant

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Adam H.
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I was really hoping to see a drunk moron get trampled by a pissed off elephant here, but I guess you can't always get what you want. Even a good smack across the face with the trunk would have been cool. He needs some kind of reminder of what a dumbass he is.

  • fuzzynaval420 March 11, 2015

    Some shitty fucking camera work

  • bobbabooey March 11, 2015

    TWP: Third World Problems

  • goodster March 11, 2015

    What happened? I couldn't see.

  • cellule March 11, 2015

    Should I go buy myself an elephant, a toyota or drugs against parkinson seizures?

  • bobbabooey March 11, 2015

    You had two jobs, making Iphones and holding that damn camera straight!

  • ludenlasivius March 11, 2015

    C'mon grampa, time to go pick up Scooter. He's out there tryin to molest the wildlife again.

  • dizeer March 11, 2015

    Drunken sex with elephants is out of the question

  • whobe March 11, 2015

    Piss poor camera work but it looks like the elephant took a dump on him. Now go sit in front of some lions.

  • bustercherry March 11, 2015

    We've all seen these motherfuckers get down. Unleash the power!!

  • jeeprod March 11, 2015

    Fuck you holding up the tour. I'd have smeared peanut butter on you with that big fucking paddle the one dude had... and pushed you back under the damn fence... and left.

  • realtalks March 11, 2015

    Them fucks are lucky, elephants can move at around 25 mph running, easily able to catch and splatter those assholes all over the road

  • crazyvet March 11, 2015

    What is that black stuff between an elephants toes? Slow natives.

  • picklehiesner March 11, 2015

    I saw a deer on the side of the road once

  • ouch March 11, 2015

    No matter what country you go to. BLACK CUNTS ARE FUCKING ANNOYING!

  • toreal March 11, 2015

    ^^^@Ouch,The same could be said about men who love dick like yourself.

  • tuck8541 March 11, 2015

    I'm confused by his tactic's?

  • potrostation March 11, 2015

    He drank that Elephant pretty.

  • mykejp March 11, 2015

    He looked like he landed in a pile of that elephant's shit.

  • truckingman March 11, 2015

    WTF Happened? I wished they let or throw him against that "Fence" 50 to 500 jewels should wake him "Up" or fry his MF" Ass...

  • cellule March 12, 2015

    Saying the elephants are the only mammals (on ground) who can't jump won't make this video more interesting..

  • noihavetosaythis January 1, 2017

    I love other cultures . .

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