Eh, It's Just A Hand

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Adam H.
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This dude is remarkably calm for someone who's hand is stuck in a grinder. He's looking at going through the rest of his life with a nub, and just ain't giving a fuck. He's a bad ass and I salute him.

  • 2indastink March 14, 2015

    off to the second hand shop for a fucking new one....

  • xizang March 14, 2015

    The South Africans just did a penis transplant. I'm sure they can do hands as well.

  • strongcock March 14, 2015

    Already have meat to shop suey

  • bobbabooey March 14, 2015

    He was assembling a grinder at the factory and some asshole plugged it in

  • stenchfart March 14, 2015

    must not be his beat-off hand

  • crazyvet March 14, 2015

    They have billions of Asian hands, and only a few nice grinding machines. Cut that fucking hand off and let's get back to work.

  • potrostation March 14, 2015

    I don't need to press play; I've seen the live show. Probably why I'm not a machinist today.

  • vulture March 14, 2015

    it that guy trying to start it up to get the rest of him through

  • dizeer March 14, 2015

    Damn, Hung Hup is slowing down the sweatshop again !

  • wardo56 March 14, 2015

    not anymore

  • whobe March 14, 2015

    Everyone give him a hand he could use one.

  • scottishtits77 March 14, 2015

    Let's hope he's a right handed fapper.

  • ouch March 14, 2015

    He is no longer the HANDYMAN. He might need to go to the ARMy surplus store. If he works at KFC it's not as FINGER LICKING GOOD as it used to be. I bet his fav show is M*A*S*H

  • spinal12 March 14, 2015

    Hes Not The Sharpest Tool In The Shed

  • ludenlasivius March 14, 2015

    Give it to me straight doc... will I ever rub shit on myself again?

  • truckingman March 14, 2015

    I bet he was MF" screaming his MF" lungs out when this MF" Shit first happened...

  • pizzapie March 14, 2015

    Bolt cutters work the best

  • vaticider March 15, 2015

    Id call him Cool Hand Luke...he has that Luke smile..

  • sexwithyourmom March 15, 2015

    In the words of Clarence Boddicker..."Well give the man a hand"

  • shortbus March 15, 2015

    He wanted to go on Grinder and get fucked

  • nacho1223 March 15, 2015

    and then he pulls the wrong shit and dat shit eat all his arm xd

  • goodster March 16, 2015

    Guys name must be Yu Dum Fuk,,,, that roller press is for sugarcane not for you fingers.

  • microwave104 June 7, 2015

    now you go behind him and tickle him...he cant get away lolz

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