Bus Vs SUV, Who's Going Win?

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Often times when I am driving around in my truck, I feel pretty invincible. Yet I know I could never take out a bus, or even try to take one on head first. That is just foolish, and well deadly. Good news though, no one on the bus was hurt.

  • lobster April 3, 2015

    Bus stop

  • prodeath April 3, 2015

    Everyone must wear a seat belt except when you put 40 children together doing 65 mph in a vehicle without front or side airbags.

  • fistermister April 3, 2015

    For once the evil bus didn't start the fight.

  • potrostation April 3, 2015

    Same thing happens in GTA. The bus always wins.

  • dizeer April 3, 2015

    I love hearing the screams before impact !

  • realtalks April 3, 2015

    That truck came at that bus like a cock goes down Hungsolos throat

  • vulture April 3, 2015

    evil bus will always win

  • picklehiesner April 3, 2015

    Sometimes those giant yellow busses with the flashing lights are hard to see

  • whobe April 3, 2015

    Why do the women and girls always scream and the guys just say oh shit. If your a guy and scream in front of your friends they know you are a pussy.

  • truckingman April 3, 2015


    Concerned for the bus driver and kids, Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

  • ludenlasivius April 3, 2015

    @paranoid: She found out.

  • dozer67 April 4, 2015

    The SUV driver flinched didn't get the full impact on the Bus.

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