Friday Fails: Failing at Work

This Friday Fails has a bit of everything about people doing their jobs. First one some guy drops an excavator. Yeah, it's as bad as it sounds. Then a couple fellas go on a wild ride at work when the wind picks up. Lastly a tow truck tried to take the guys jeep, but the guy was still inside. Guess that didn't work out so well for the tow truck.

  • xizang April 3, 2015

    Would you guys quit screwing around and get back to work?

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  • bobbabooey April 3, 2015

    Video #1 It's alright to hire those guys to do landscaping and drywall, but those dudes standing in the Home Depot parking lot know nothing about rigging.

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  •   fistermister April 3, 2015

    Just put that tractor anywhere,,,,,yeah that'll work.

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  •   potrostation April 3, 2015

    I palm faced the 1st. Felt bad for the 2nd. Standing ovation for the 3rd.

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  • poida April 3, 2015

    FOR SALE, window cleaning aerial Platform covered in shit

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  •   potrostation April 3, 2015

    Poor window cleaners had to come back the next day and clean their own shit off the glass.

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  • fuzzynaval420 April 3, 2015

    Hell yeah fuck repo guys that's some justice for the commoner

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  • dizeer April 3, 2015

    The giggling after the track hoe fell ! Loved it

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  • realtalks April 3, 2015

    Here something that most of us here can relate too. A job

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  • jettech84 April 3, 2015

    Last video: Its gonna cost more to repair the damages from the pick up forks then just paying the tow costs..

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  •   mykejp April 3, 2015

    The latest thrill rides at Six Flags.

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  •   whobe April 3, 2015

    Now that was some Crazy Shit. Remember when you get that awesome video don't forget to say Crazy

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  •   truckingman April 3, 2015

    The first one, the cable MF' SNAPPED. They need to test those cable periodically to prevent this MF" SHIT. The second one, they can not go up or down, they're FUCK until to momentum stops. The third one, didn't the tow truck drive check the jeep out before hooking it up or the Mother Fucker climbed into jeep when the tow truck drive got back in his truck???

    Sincerely, Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

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  • sharkkiller1 April 3, 2015

    the dues filming it sound like a bunch of stoners

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  •   goodster April 4, 2015

    @truckingman,, Thanks for the recount Captain Obvious.

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  • rouge_et_blanc April 4, 2015

    Number 2 You could sell tickets for a ride like that.

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  •   picklehiesner April 4, 2015

    @truckingman tellin it like it is man

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  • communists_vic April 4, 2015

    For the second one, Chinese said i video this to watch later.

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