Oklahoma Volunteer Shoots Man In Back

Cops are having so much fun shooting people in the back, they decided to bring on some old, rich guy to get a kill of his own. He's facing charges, but I bet he won't get convicted. If you're like everyone else in the world, you're probably asking, why the fuck was this dumbass even there?

  • bobbabooey April 14, 2015

    Barny Fife's grandpa thought it was 1962.

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  • negrodeleto April 14, 2015

    Wtf. Why did that pig have his knee on the suspect's head? No wonder he couldn't breathe.

    Was he wearing flip flops too?

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  • 2indastink April 14, 2015

    This, right here is the reason you do not resist a 73 year old cop with race issues.....

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  • marcodufour April 14, 2015

    When individuals sell arms it`s a crime, when Governments do " it`s a great business deal for the economy! "

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  •   whobe April 14, 2015

    The guy was a piece of shit convicted felon who sold methamphetamine to a under cover cop a couple days earlier and now this hand gun. The cop accidentally saved the tax payers a lot of money housing that fucker again. With the shit this guy was into it would have been a matter of time before he killed a innocent person if he hasn't already done so. Good riddance.

    +10 -5
  • xizang April 14, 2015

    If you're so far gone that you can't tell the difference between the square yellow tazer on your left hip from the rounded black Glock on your right hip, you need to stay home. And if the LEOs and prosecutor don't get a conviction against this fool, like they would against you or me, they all need to go to prison.

    +11 -3
  • donunderstan April 14, 2015

    Shit, maybe he was running for the BART station where he thought he'd get better treatment. Oops, same outcome. I'm too stupid to tell the difference between 6oz of plastic and 16ozs of metal. Just like "high speed pursuit syndrome" was the rage police are now dubbing this "slip and recover" syndrom. The officers intended action "slipped" and was "recovered" by a stronger action. Maybe the cop can retire on disability now... full pension maybe? When is it enough?

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  • jlm77 April 14, 2015

    let's see I'm white successful businessman volunteer at the Sheriffs Department and I've killed a minority yep my bucket list is complete

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  •   longhungwong April 14, 2015

    Funny how most trigger slips happen around minorities, lord sure does werk in mysterious ways I tell ya what. (Wink, Wink). I can see the jury names already. Billy Joe, Jed, Billy Ray, Elly May and so on.

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  • prodeath April 14, 2015

    He said he was sorry so that makes it all right

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  • woozlewuzzle April 14, 2015

    My bad.

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  •   corruptedsob April 14, 2015

    Fuck Him ....

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  • mountaineer April 14, 2015

    Pretty fucking pathetic and disgraceful.

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  •   truckingman April 14, 2015

    I am staying out of this shit....

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  • shiznitshabam April 14, 2015

    how the fuck did the 73 year old white man run down a younger black guy!

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  •   longhungwong April 14, 2015

    ^^ Brothers be fast but those bullets are a lot faster.

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  •   happyjack April 14, 2015

    @whobe. A lot of dope fiends sell guns and dope. But it's not punishable by death. That's what our courts are for.

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  •   picklehiesner April 14, 2015

    @woozlewuzzle simple yet classic comment +1 lol

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  •   ouch April 14, 2015

    It's the first time a Ride Along has needed a potty

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  •   potrostation April 14, 2015

    "This is Buford T. Justest "" I'm in high pursuit of the Bandit"

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  • scottishtits77 April 14, 2015

    Good enough. Another pos off the street.

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  •   pizzapie April 14, 2015

    Tito get me a tissue

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  • dracos April 14, 2015

    strange sounding tazer

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  •   handsomedevil April 14, 2015

    "i'm losing my breath." "FUCK YOUR BREATH!"Rofl

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  •   longhungwong April 14, 2015

    @Marcodufour "Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry." -- Thomas Jefferson

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  •   nybadguy April 14, 2015

    Why am i not surprised.

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  • feelnlow April 15, 2015

    All the tazers I've ever heard sound like a mouth full of pop-rocks. But that one sounds like it ain't fucking around! And yes, An apology was definitely in order.

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  • rareranking April 15, 2015

    LMBO old man had a big ass 357 magnum

    But he couldn't tell the difference from a yellow taser


    Yep i would definitely say his bucket list is now complete!

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  • realtalks April 15, 2015

    Old man was like a dumb ass chief Wiggum, he's gonna get off with probation, guys a big donor to the police department who has donated 5 cars and several pieces of equipment, department rewarded him with a gun and badge and told him go play cop like a fat TJ Hooker

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  • jambini April 15, 2015

    Fuck your breath...

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  •   redpig April 15, 2015

    Yet another running away in a very aggressive and threatening manner

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  • captianchaoz April 15, 2015

    If the person shot was white with the same same record, good, he is off the tax payers wasted money list.Besides, the bullet that helps end a scumbags life, rarely ever helps the tax payers like this.A 73 year old man did it with that bullet.Ban RAP music, and the crap videos that go with it.Save our society's all over the world.Another thing, is why is there trash all over my city?Why are the idiots in jail, or violent youth not cleaning it up?What is jail doing?Make these law breakers work, and tie up inmates so they cannot exercise, so they die faster.It helps tax payers to not pay for city employees to clean up streets.What is wrong with this world's leaders, and missing laws???

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