Kool aid man and her Boricua

Big Jeff
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This Boricua has finally cashed his last check on going up side the kool aid man's head. You know kool aid is held near and dear in all brothas hearts, and they're not about to let it get abused. You're a punk for that...hand in your red Adidas.

  • bobbabooey April 20, 2015

    "Fucking Ricans think they know everything. If they knew shit, they wouldn't be Puerto Ricans." -Sean Costigan in The Departed

  • realtalks April 20, 2015

    I was expecting Kool-Aid man to burst threw the wall yelling Oh Yea!!!!

  • wifebeater2000 April 20, 2015

    nigger looks like a ketchup bottle

  • vulture April 20, 2015

    mommy Xmas looks like her nappy needs changing

  • longhungwong April 20, 2015

    Heard a worldstar at 00:56... amazing I expected a "estrella del mundo"..

  • longhungwong April 20, 2015

    You mean you're black and hispanic?... What's next black and jewish? Wait till fox news hears about this.

  • whobe April 20, 2015

    Notice the gigantic zit on her ass when the video stops.

  • fatlarry April 20, 2015

    So let me get those straight the term "NIGGA" is a term of endearment blacks use with each other isn't that the story?? So why when this guy was saying hi brother did he beat the shit out of him and gash his face

  • ouch April 20, 2015


  • corruptedsob April 20, 2015


  • potrostation April 20, 2015

    Street justest, works for me.

  • truckingman April 20, 2015


  • handsomedevil April 21, 2015

    "i want some drank! purple, water, sugar, nigga!"

  • nybadguy April 21, 2015

    Poppie got layed out like a puto

  • pizzapie April 22, 2015

    After hearing them call each other niggers, I think I understand now, they're niggers

  • ballshorts April 29, 2015

    Be a man Craig... Get up Craig!!

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