Jockeys Get All The Ass

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Adam H.
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They said he gives a half ass performance at every race, so he showed them what a full ass performance looks like. If he starts spraying some diarrhea, the guys behind will probably not try to catch up. Sometimes winning can be messy.

  • toreal April 26, 2015

    Lmao WTF!!

  • lu86er April 26, 2015

    Full time plumber, racing is just his hobby.

  • marcodufour April 26, 2015

    Rear end collision just avoided, people in the shit, more at news at 10....

  • fistermister April 26, 2015

    He won by a butt cheek.

  • breakfastblunt April 26, 2015

    Talk about a photo finish.

  • only1hans April 26, 2015

    I guess little men with little dicks need some sort of accomplishment...If it takes mooning everyone at the Derby then do what ya gotta do little bro...At least you're on top (of something)...

  • sirfartsalot April 26, 2015

    He really made an ass of himself.

  • longhungwong April 26, 2015

    He was hauling ass but in the end, he wasn't all that it was cracked up to be.

  • truckingman April 26, 2015

    He might be a nice guy but in the end all they saw was an Ass.....

  • makeyarise April 26, 2015

    All Modesty could do was smell ass!!

  • dullfeathers April 26, 2015

    Looks like his bean burrito for lunch turdo boost concept didn't work in the end.

  • mykejp April 26, 2015

    In second place, it's Moonbeam!

  • ludenlasivius April 26, 2015

    Modesty in the third position? Naw man, Modesty came in dead last today.

  • big_daddy305 April 27, 2015

    Hey look, Abu! It's not everyday you see a horse with TWO rear ends.

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