Way To Fuck Up Traffic

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Adam H.
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I don't know if he could do the splits before, but he can now. That's not exactly a good thing though. I mean, flexibility is good, but so is having balls and intestines.

  • bobbabooey April 30, 2015

    They're so used to dead people on the road over there. That's actually a video of clouds.

  • xizang April 30, 2015

    So he got a ticket for failure to yield, careless driving, littering and indecent exposure.

  • danimal69 April 30, 2015

    Gotta love those mopeds.

  • donunderstan April 30, 2015

    I can't even touch my toes...

  • potrostation April 30, 2015

    He wins the splits contest.

  • vulture April 30, 2015

    dibs on the helmet...think its got a gopro on it

  • xizang April 30, 2015

    Anybody see his wallet or penis laying around? They should be here somewhere.

  • mykejp April 30, 2015

    Even in death, some people have to go out in a yoga pose,

  • bb71 April 30, 2015

    Was that his penis laying in front of him?

  • realtalks April 30, 2015

    That wasn't the ride he was expecting to receive from the Bang Bus!

  • crazyvet April 30, 2015

    Two Mexicans with shovels, three trash bags, a Toyota pickup and five minutes everything will be back to normal.

  • nieco April 30, 2015

    huehue br?

  • big_daddy305 April 30, 2015

    Where did that guy get those gold Aasics? I've been looking for a pair just like those.

  • ouch April 30, 2015

    I bet when RON checks in logged or not he will be calling the lords name as he pounds his shrived up Wrigley old man meat OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD Pussy WOUND oh GOD

  • jeeprod April 30, 2015

    I'm proud of the fuckers that can KEEP DRIVING while they're glancing at the carnage; here motherfuckers have to bring both sides of an interstate to a halt just trying to maybe catch a glimpse of a bloody toenail or anything..

  • ludenlasivius April 30, 2015

    Limbo World Champion!!!

  • truckingman April 30, 2015

    He Ripped His SHIT (out)...

  • biant812 April 30, 2015

    nigga did a slip at his last moment

  • only1hans April 30, 2015

    That one mother fucker was laid out like a fuck'n Lucky Wishbone...Make a wish Bitches....

  • aelin_hbiyrd May 1, 2015

    Passing side

  • maddog123 May 2, 2015

    Its shit like this that makes me pussup every time i ride my bike even tho you try to watch out for the other guy when ole shit reaper comes for you ain't shit we can do but dam he's got a wicked imagination I spell that wright?

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