Money for nothing Chicks for free

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Of the millions of ways to make money, this might have to be the stupidest I have ever seen. If this guy was in Russia, he would had his ass kicked by a drunk 75 year old grandma. Maybe next time he should run harder at the side of the car.

  • fistermister May 8, 2015

    Motherfucker! Look at what the fuck you did to my car!

  • lobster May 8, 2015

    Were 6 replays really necessary? I think we got the picture...

  • bobbabooey May 8, 2015

    Run over him again and get the most for your $500 deductible

  • longhungwong May 8, 2015

    There should be an automatic death penalty for this type of shit. No trial, no jury, just a rope and a tree.

  • handsomedevil May 8, 2015

    He's actually a superhero testing out his newfangled green orb of stupidity shield.

  • assmasterson May 8, 2015

    I appreciate the replays. Gave me more time to finish rubbing one out.

  • realtalks May 8, 2015

    Motherfucker wouldn't be walking anymore after I get through with him

  • poonpirate May 8, 2015

    It's a new x games event for retards its call extreme window licking its real hardcore since they aren't allowed to wear their helmets and they have to shit their pants or they will be penalized

  • burlyfish May 8, 2015

    No wonder he got hit some asshole drew a green circle around him.Everyone knows green is for go.

  • sirfartsalot May 8, 2015

    I'm with realtalks on this one. I'd have wanted to kick the shit out of him to finish the job.

  • ouch May 8, 2015

    Awesome automatic hazard lights

  • happyjack May 8, 2015

    Should have went for the bus, much deeper pockets.

  • truckingman May 8, 2015

    To bad he can not apply for disability before this MF" Stunt in that county. He is arm less. Dumb insurance scammer....

    Shaking his head at this dumb FUCK, ..........

  • potrostation May 8, 2015

    This probably happens so often that even with this grainy video he didn't get caught.

  • danimal69 May 8, 2015

    It looks like he was missing his right arm before the accident

  • mykejp May 9, 2015

    Another moronic insurance scam.

  • nybadguy May 9, 2015

    Stupid is stupid does

  • whitechristian May 9, 2015

    A perfectly good bus goes by and you want to fuck up my little car.

  • only1hans May 10, 2015

    Goofy fuck standing in the middle of the street and you decide to do what, just clip him with a mirror???

  • krazyk May 10, 2015


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