The Sinking Bride

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Adam H.
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Hey, what a brilliant idea. I wonder why people don't usually swim in wedding dresses. That was almost one of the shortest marriages ever. I wonder if any part of the groom was hoping she'd drown.

  • woozlewuzzle May 14, 2015

    Poor guy almost dodged a bullet.

  • bobbabooey May 14, 2015

    Welcome to Shawshank bro.

  • pistolero May 14, 2015

    That's some crazy shit!

  • fistermister May 14, 2015

    Hope her cooking is better than her swimming.

  • bobbabooey May 14, 2015

    ^^Who let Captain Obvious in the Peanut Gallery?

  • happyjack May 14, 2015

    Wedding planner was obviously hired by the groom.

  • ribspreader May 14, 2015

    a perfect ending to a Cuban wedding....

  • dozer67 May 14, 2015

    I guess it looked better on the Life insurance papers.

  • urapnes1701d May 14, 2015

    Shes actually pretty hot for a girl that probably has a No-fly strip hanging from her panties.

  • realtalks May 14, 2015

    That's more like the Dominican Republic, I had my reception on a boat like that but I didn't have the wife jump in the water, I waited till I got life insurance on her!!

  • nieco May 14, 2015

    fun fact: que locura may be translated to crazy shit

  • ouch May 14, 2015

    It is hard not to be racist on this site

  • potrostation May 14, 2015

    @ ouch: You thought Cubans automatically swam to Florida too?

  • captjim May 14, 2015

    Not the brightest bulbs.. who's fucking idea was it to jump in the water wearing that much, haven't they ever lifted a water logged towel before?

  • truckingman May 14, 2015

    She was in a MF" five hundred to a thousand dollar DEATH TRAP. WTMF"BF???

  • handsomedevil May 15, 2015

    how dare she wear white!!! no virgin could be that stupid. dumb and whore go together like pb&j.

  • no40 May 15, 2015

    you could just tell they were dumb cunts

  • shaith May 15, 2015

    ..the only thing that would make this worth watching is if a shark ate her pussy.

  • mykejp May 15, 2015

    Worst recreation of the wedding of Aquaman and Mera.

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