Death Via Rocket Launcher

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These Alan Snackbar fuckers are getting creative. Bullets don't work anymore to kill innocent civilians. They use RPG's to wipe out one dude. He probably didn't want to have sex with goats, and now he is worm food.

  • iluvkitty May 22, 2015

    Did they fuck chickens right before firing??

  • woozlewuzzle May 22, 2015

    Neighbors from hell.Guys stop screaming allah snackbar and firing guns,I have to wake up early to go to work.

  • fistermister May 22, 2015

    I don't know weather these fuckers are brave or just that fucking stupid.

  • redhedridr May 22, 2015

    Better than some of the other shit that they have done, a 7.5 for creativity,,,

  • happyjack May 22, 2015

    For a minute I thought that they had him strapped to a rocket and were going to send him off into space (Or at least a few miles down the street)

  • longhungwong May 22, 2015

    I see the Muslim world is finally starting their space program research.

  • mrlongshot May 22, 2015

    The question is, did he feel it? Ironically, I ask my self that same question every time I hear about Adam taking something up his ass.

  • ava1221 May 22, 2015

    Did you hear the chickens in the background? Guess some of the boys were getting frisky and wanted something "strange". Goats all the time can be sooo boring.

  • mykejp May 22, 2015

    At least it was a quick demise. Less suffering than being stabbed, hacked or stoned to death.

  • bobbabooey May 22, 2015

    When they play Smear the Queer, they don't fuck around.

  • truckingman May 22, 2015

    Sadly, Same Shit Different Way...

  • realtalks May 22, 2015

    Guess they must of had a big sale on RPGs at the snackbars version of costco

  • potrostation May 22, 2015

    The tip of that RPG was sharper then their knives.

  • truckingman May 22, 2015

    Maybe in their next video, they will launch their next victim. However, we do not want to give them any ideas...

  • truckingman May 22, 2015

    RPG 7 shoots a MF" hot stream of molten metal at armored tanks just think what it did to his face.

  • yojoe May 22, 2015

    Nice camera work retard.

  • ouch May 22, 2015

    Cunts can afford a rocket launcher but have shit cameras. if god was great he would send you a GoPro for Christmas...but you cunts don't like Christmas

  • zmolez May 22, 2015

    Lol +1 ouch

  • zdenek May 23, 2015


  • belisspermezeu May 23, 2015

    all the money they spend on guns ammo rpg s and shit you d think they have enough brains to buy an hd cam and a tripod..

  • keno1226 May 24, 2015

    You posted pictures of us taking turns with the family goat...this is unforgivable.

  • joedumber May 27, 2015

    the saying live by the sword die by the sword is very true, and since its all of them its gonna be one big boom someday.

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