Do the Dishes Next Time, Bitch!

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  • naughty_samara February 17, 2005

    what a dumb bitch for letting that guy do that!

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  • vanilla_cream February 17, 2005

    She is a dumb bitch. He needs his ass kicked for thinking about doing that.

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  • rockybalboa February 17, 2005

    That bastard doesn't want to meet me in a dark alley... I would cut off his balls and eat them for breakfast next day. GODDAMMIT! What a pussy...

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  • guttercup February 19, 2005

    what a dumb slut...

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  • hawaiianryan February 20, 2005

    I'd love to slap that bitch. I'd knock her fucking teeth out though.

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  • vanilla_cream February 21, 2005

    Then you need the fuck knocked out of you too hawaiianryan. Only guys who are pussies will hit a woman, and will run from a REAL man!

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  • goucho March 16, 2005

    Insecurity is the reason, that and he's on his way to being a fucking really bad adult male.

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  • texasvixen March 23, 2005

    She needs to see a friggin head doc and he needs to be tied up in a sheet and beaten with a cast iron skillet ..then neeeds to meet my husband in an alley .....dumb ass bitch and stupid little fucker

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  • Jesse U. March 23, 2005

    Like A Pimp, Bitch Better Have My Money!!!

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  • bobmarley420 July 23, 2005

    she asked for it lol it prolly made her pussy wet

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  • pimpimp September 18, 2005

    how all women should be treated fucking funny

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  • ray February 28, 2006

    Dumb bitches let dumb fucks do dumb things in front of dumb people for dumb resons.

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  • diarrhea916 January 24, 2007

    That bitch got the shit slapped out of her. I personally hit women I dont find shit wrong with it if a bitch step up in a mans place let her know whats good with it that way they will know next time not to step up yadida? If she would have asked me to slap her I would have given her a right kick straight to the jaw and left that bitch in a coma to show her just how serious this shit is

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  • yestrnight October 14, 2008


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  • iluvwomen January 13, 2009

    fucken pussy, come try that 2 me!!!

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