This Kid Can Drive

16,774 Views 1 year ago

Hey why not let the kid drive, you are going to die anyways. At least the kid has some fun in the mean time. I love how both of them stare the camera down, as it passes. As if to say, what the fuck are you looking at?

  • allcaps May 29, 2015

    Mabey in the next few days we will see them under the rear tires of a truck...

  • mykejp May 29, 2015

    Now I know why children in 3rd world countries have difficulty living to their 5th birthday.

  • whobe May 29, 2015

    I guess the goat fell off.

  • bobbabooey May 29, 2015

    That explains all the Asian scooter crashes.

  • bobbabooey May 29, 2015

    Keep your slanted eyes on the road, kid.

  • happyjack May 29, 2015

    Could be worse the kid's mother could be driving.

  • potrostation May 29, 2015

    As soon as his feet can reach the pegs. That kid is staring a biker gang.

  • scottishtits77 May 29, 2015

    Easy rider, the early years

  • dracos May 29, 2015

    riding bitch dady?

  • ludenlasivius May 29, 2015

    Hell's Li'l Angels

  • truckingman May 30, 2015

    How old is this child?

  • handsomedevil May 30, 2015


  • maddog123 May 31, 2015

    Fucking gooks

  • jackpot May 31, 2015

    My dad and I did that on Daytona Beach when I about 6!

  • maddog123 June 1, 2015

    I remember them days late sixty's early 70s rent mini bikes trail 70s or just a ten speed no bike clubs spring break drunks back then they got all that down there took over now beaches are nasty looking I remember sand white as snow but no more the mom and dad with the kids days are gone Daytona is daygona

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