Driver Doesn't Survive Head-on Collision

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At first I thought what the hell is the car doing coming down the highway like that, and then I realized, this is a two lane road. This guy here was passing cars, and must have forgot he was in the opposite lane. Now he's dead. Sounds like the chick made it through though.

  •   crazyvet June 5, 2015

    Didn't have enough to drink to survive.

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  •   vulture June 5, 2015

    she can now chuck chuck in a 6' hole

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  • sharkkiller1 June 5, 2015

    the driver must have been black cause he got hit so hard some of his black came off on the camera at the end

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  • dracos June 5, 2015

    Sasha you dumb fucking Polak

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  • outotown June 5, 2015

    Not in a hurry anymore.

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  •   nybadguy June 5, 2015

    I bet that dun hurt

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  • douchebaggins June 5, 2015

    God just recalled his airbag.

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  • realtalks June 5, 2015

    Those bright lights he saw wasnt heaven opening up it was the other car barring down on him

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  • dizeer June 5, 2015

    What's she look like ? She sounded hot !

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  •   truckingman June 5, 2015



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  •   maddog123 June 5, 2015

    The asshole driving in wrong lane did not die neither did his wife or two kids but the guy he hit died seen this post on bestgore last night

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  • shaith June 6, 2015

    The blue car saw that shit coming.. notice their brake lights

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  • artytork1 June 6, 2015

    See I've been coming to this site for years and this is my first comment. I always thought people would think there was something wrong with me for looking at this shit every day but I kinda think it gives me a leg up just knowing how bad shit could be. Most people go through the day not even thinking anything can happen but here I get to se the worst shit out. I don't want to say I enjoy this shit but I kinda do. Thankful it's not me and always thinking a second time in every situation. Thanks crazyshit keep it real and keep showing us sick fucks the other side of shit.

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  • artytork1 June 6, 2015

    Also ill never go to another country thanks to you guys

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  • rouge_et_blanc June 6, 2015

    At least the windshield wipers still work

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  •   maddog123 June 6, 2015

    Both drivers blind and stupid driving with there heads up there ass

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