Suicide By Scooter

That was completely deserved. What a fucking idiot. Probably a dead idiot now. No loss there. It's best to get rid of this kind of fucking moron as fast as possible.

  • ludenlasivius June 10, 2015

    "HOOOONK, SCREEEEECH. KA-RUUUNCH!!!" Hey, I think there's a song in there somewhere.

  • whobe June 10, 2015

    Rook Out!

  • longhungwong June 10, 2015

    I'm glad he was wearing a helmet or his death could have been worse.

  • stenchfart June 10, 2015

    its ashame the guy fucked his car up killing the dumb ass

  • truckingman June 10, 2015

    Don't they ever look both ways???

  • realtalks June 10, 2015

    Fucking dumbass, good job trying to U turn across a 3 lane road on a scooter

  • fatlarry June 10, 2015

    Hey lady you dropped something out of you purse

  • captjim June 10, 2015

    Must be pretty common as the car filming just drives around the dead guy. Hate when I get dead guy in the wheel wells.

  • mykejp June 10, 2015

    Another Darwin Award winner.

  • picklehiesner June 10, 2015


  • potrostation June 10, 2015

    @ picklehiesner: +1 I think they'd pronouns it Floggel.

  • maddog123 June 10, 2015

    Uncle Sam needs to hand these things out to all our ghetto rats over here be one way to save on ammo

  • fistermister June 10, 2015

    All your problems are solved now. Are you happy?

  • scottishtits77 June 10, 2015

    @whobe...that comment made me laugh out loud and spill tea over my lap! Plus One to you good sir.

  • big_daddy305 June 10, 2015

    They should just give it a name already. Something like a "Scooter-cide"?

  • whobe June 11, 2015

    @scottishtits77 The reason why I come here is to get and give some good laughs. There are some crazy and funny people that come here to joke around. I like all of them, even happyjack as he thinks and comments with a level head. Even though we but heads from time to time I still give him + symbols. I hope your tea wasn't hot.

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