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posted by Jesse U on 2/22/2005

This Kid Deserves To Get His Ass Kicked

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Stuffed to the rim with him!

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I’d beat that little mother fucker like a red headed step child!
posted on: 02-22-05 @ 7:52 PM

ya!he needs that board beat over his fuckin head!!!
posted on: 02-24-05 @ 1:43 PM

Jesse U.
I don’t know what that guy was thinking when he came over trying to talk to this crazy mother fucker , but I bet he won’t try that again any time soon
posted on: 02-24-05 @ 2:33 PM

But it’s our job as a society to try to understand him and see that it is really our fault that he acts this way, yeah our fault because we dont beat the shit out of kids like this every fucking time they pull shit like this.
posted on: 03-16-05 @ 4:23 AM

I would pay good money to have the chance to beat the living shit out of this sick fucking punk.
posted on: 08-04-05 @ 4:10 PM

Its only society that makes him like this so blame yourselves shit but the truth
posted on: 09-18-05 @ 6:48 AM

Am i the only 1 who thoght that was funny as hell.
posted on: 02-27-06 @ 11:43 PM

no,no, i thought it was funny as hell my damn self.
posted on: 05-20-06 @ 4:13 PM

can we say truck fucked?
posted on: 07-11-06 @ 3:46 AM

|’ve seen this on another site,, | normally dont believe in going straight for a gun to solve a problem,, but in this waste of lifes case, | think its called for. He’ll grow up to be and have nothing,, hes just a waste of flesh
posted on: 09-10-06 @ 4:26 AM

Ive been hit in the head with a skateboard like that I ended up having to fight a whole family of rednecks I won a few and lost to one big one long story short HAHA dont approach someone with a weapon unless your ready to take them on with their weapon. Also "let me kickflip on his head"
posted on: 01-24-07 @ 1:56 PM

Someone needs to break that little fuckers legs off (if someone hasnt already) so he could never ride his little skateboard again! Can you say paraplegic BITCH!!!HAHA!
posted on: 02-22-07 @ 5:50 PM

THe place where thAT scene happend is on south padre island texas at the head shop cloud 9
posted on: 01-02-08 @ 12:24 AM

i wouldnt have cared if i got brain damage.. i would charge his ass over and over and over again. fuck id prolly kill him if hed try something as stupid as that with me ...
posted on: 09-03-08 @ 11:45 AM

He would not have gotten away with that in my area, no sir. You got a skateboard, I got a gun...bitch
posted on: 01-17-10 @ 5:14 AM

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