Jumper Hit the bag

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Come on guys, what the fuck? Did you have a kiddie pool pump trying to pump that bag up? I mean, she hit it perfectly. All you had to do was have some air in the fucking thing. That's it, you are all fired, and I hope you jump off a building. Maybe your replacements will have the bag filled up next time. PS lady, when jumping, don't do it like a pussy, swan dive that mother fucker. You will die faster.

  • vaknama June 19, 2015

    im pretty sure i heard someone say "what the fuck"

  • big_daddy305 June 19, 2015

    You know you're a loser when you can't even kill yourself right.

  • whobe June 19, 2015

    Not a screamer or flier. Looser.

  • crazyvet June 19, 2015

    At least she didn't leave a mess on the sidewalk.

  • jeeprod June 19, 2015

    We've gotta quit saving stupid people; they're breeding and spreading.

    I say the cops/EMTs clear the area below the jumper so we can reduce collateral personal/public property damage and let the fuckers jump.

  • breakfastblunt June 19, 2015

    Go home first responders, you're drunk.

  • sirfartsalot June 19, 2015

    Could have at least tried for the ganor pfft

  • pizzapie June 19, 2015

    Why is everyone bagging on the rescue people? Fuck that asshole for jumping before it was ready

  • face_plant June 19, 2015

    in asian countries air costs too much, least the bag worked

  • picklehiesner June 19, 2015

    In her defense it's hard to tell if the bag is blown up from that high

  • maddog123 June 19, 2015

    Wow another exciting post this one took my breath away

  • bobbabooey June 19, 2015

    The Asian riding by on a scooter was a nice touch.

  • truckingman June 19, 2015

    I hate to say this, but "She did not want to wait for it....

    Just shaking his head, ............

  • potrostation June 19, 2015

    Good aim.

  • captjim June 19, 2015

    Korea will do that to ya

  • vaticider June 19, 2015

    Funny how the emergency personnel still dress like the old Godzilla movies.

  • yeknom June 20, 2015

    She might have been thinking "If I jump onto the bag, I'll be fine but still get all the attention for an attempted suicide! Win/win!" In which case, I'm glad it wasn't inflated.

  • viazei June 20, 2015

    This happened in China,man.

  • txdo_msk June 20, 2015

    Honestly, why can't someone use an explosive charge like in cars. It would give jumpers a lot less time to beat the first responders

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