Friday Fails: Scooters

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This Friday Fail is more about scooters and the riders that put their faces into cars. The first guy nearly slipped right into the back seat of that car, that was one smooth move. Now the chick, what the hell lady. She actually steered right into the car, then she took her face and made a new hood ornament.

  • whobe June 19, 2015

    Japanese always going to the extreme. Giving head to cars.

  • big_daddy305 June 19, 2015

    The first guy was like... "what are you carrying? I wanna see!"

  • crazyvet June 19, 2015

    There must not be an Asian word for brake.

  • jeeprod June 19, 2015

    All this time I thought cars were hunting scooters. That first scooter went right at that defenseless little parked car!

  • breakfastblunt June 19, 2015

    Stick dat ass in the air gurl!!!

  • sirfartsalot June 19, 2015

    A couple of real "head bangers"

  • bobbabooey June 19, 2015

    That dead body had a nice ass.

  • maddog123 June 19, 2015

    Breaks must be optional on bikes over there because they seem to not have any?

  • truckingman June 19, 2015

    First, ""FUCK,"" He is OUT...... Second, to whom ever is driving the car, "WAIT FOR THE TRUCK TO TURN MOTHER FUCKER......"

    Shaking his head at the driver of the second car, Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

  • potrostation June 19, 2015

    Was the 1st clip narrated by Jaba Da Hut?

  • immanuelkunt June 19, 2015

    He came in though the shitbox window . . .

  • maddog123 June 19, 2015

    OK the cars are the scooter brakes?

  • specks June 20, 2015

    And we're afraid to go to war with these idiots?

  • yeknom June 20, 2015

    I like how the guy in the first clip just slowly walks away like "God damn it not another one"

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