Suplexed into another dimesion

Big Jeff
27,663 Views 1 year ago

It's always good to see the aggressor get his ass handed to him in a fight. Also I love the fights that utilize the suplex because the after effect also is so reactive.

  • potrostation June 28, 2015

    If you're going top use the N word. Use it rite.

  • realtalks June 28, 2015

    That's no time to be busting out dance moves on the ground

  • stenchfart June 28, 2015

    looked like he was throwing up a hairball

  • truckingman June 28, 2015

    He is knocked out, on the ground, and MF" seizing...

  • immanuelkunt June 28, 2015

    Looks like he has a little blast of the heebie-jeebies.

    Fuck you.

  • breakfastblunt June 28, 2015

    Enjoy your 37 year sentence.

  • rareranking June 29, 2015

    Tape The Fight

    Start The Fight

    Lose The Fight

    Where A Helmet For The Rest Of Your Life

    Victim Gets To Watch The Video In

    Self Defense For The Rest Of His life And Laugh!

  • wisconsinjed June 29, 2015

    I am not a fighter but putting someone in a headlock seems to be a not so good move. This reminds me of the fight on "Texas Gold" (or whatever the name of the show was) when Tank got his ass whopped.

  • iluvkitty June 29, 2015

    This is my "O" face!

  • bobbabooey June 29, 2015

    He looks like an ant when you partially crush it but don't kill it.

  • sanitywelcomed June 30, 2015

    ^^ +1 -Was just thinking that!

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