He Flinched

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It's been a while since I put up a fight video, and this one has all the makings for a good fight video. Public Transportation? Check. Brothers? Check. Shit talking? Check. Knock out? Check. Tadah, we have ourselves a good fight video! Man he looked like he was about to do something right up until he got a can of ass whooping. Then it was time to sit down and think about what he had done.

  • woozlewuzzle July 3, 2015

    He knocked the nigger right out of him.

  • potrostation July 3, 2015

    Nothing says thug life like bus fighting an old man.

  • whobe July 3, 2015

    Last white person leaving please grab the American Flag.

  • lobster July 3, 2015

    Bang Bus, ghetto version

  • kilo_g July 3, 2015

    No knockout here. 1 punch out of 8 thrown= weak.

  • spinal12 July 3, 2015

    he knock the pork chops right out of him.

  • truckingman July 3, 2015

    He FUCKED MF" UP!!!!

  • mykejp July 3, 2015

    And no one yelled "Worldstar", boring.

  • maddog123 July 4, 2015

    Poor thing just cried!

  • schduhlfresser July 4, 2015

    disgusting niggez !!! u americans must have so much smell ove´ the´, smell dääät shi !!! smell evywhare !!! stinks walmart, cuz of niggez, smell in dauw church ! - church full of niggez !!! sme´ in de´ BUS ! bus full of niggez ! sqay thank you toyour fucced up djortsch washington freeing dem niggez ! lang lebe die apartheit ! gruss aus deutschland ihr schweinsköpfe !

  • realtalks July 4, 2015

    An air conditioned ride and entertainment for $2.25

  • candle July 4, 2015

    I'm offended by that. it's racist. let's do away with all the busses now.

  • redhedridr July 4, 2015


  • captianchaoz July 5, 2015

    I blame the Africans for selling the African slaves to the British people that took this land from the American Indians.This whole country is based on greedy people.But know it is a great place to live in.Racial tension will always exist as long as ignorant asshole races are brainwashed at childhood.

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