Get That Boy A Guinness

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Adam H.
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This is a bad ass little kid. Most adults I know can't handle a good swig of Guinness, but this little fucker is putting it down no problem. I think he's ready for a hooker now.

  • iluvkitty July 8, 2015

    Lil Jay is growing up like his father.

  • chubbadubba July 8, 2015

    i thought the Irish drinking age was 8 anyway. He's probably spent half his life at that bar

  • whobe July 8, 2015

    Now give him a bowl.

  • two-hats July 8, 2015

    10 minutes later he's chatting up the barmaid then having a fight.

  • wifebeater2000 July 8, 2015

    gets pulled over 10 minutes later for speeding on hes big wheel

  • johnhancock July 8, 2015

    Can't even finish his fucking Root Beer - Leave the Guinnes to the pros little boy -

  • crazyvet July 8, 2015

    Here, we teach our kids baseball and football. Wherever he is they teach their kids to be alcoholics.

  • realtalks July 8, 2015

    Just a normal day in Ireland, he will be ready to fight after finishing that pint

  • yeknom July 8, 2015

    That kid is going to grow up to be a huge wanker guaranteed.

  • dozer67 July 8, 2015

    Start them young keep them tough.

  • maddog123 July 8, 2015

    That brought back memorys

  • redhedridr July 8, 2015

    TV Evangelist training,,,

  • cemetery man July 8, 2015

    That's not your daddy's Guinness

  • dragonmut24 July 8, 2015

    what was he drinking?

  • truckingman July 8, 2015

    How can he hold all of that Liquor???

  • vaticanvomit July 8, 2015

    This will be my future son in a mixed version

  • potrostation July 8, 2015

    I was drinking Crown Royal at his age. Thinking back now WTF Dad?

  • vaticanvomit July 8, 2015

    Your father sounds like my dad AND grampa. My 20yo shit father would put beer in my bottles before I was even able to walk. And my grampa would ask if I wanted hooch when I was about 5. Lolol good times.

  • happyjack July 8, 2015

    ^^^^ To prostation and vatican, I never met them, but your dads sound like dicks. No offense, but if you are a parent you know where I'm coming from. "I have an idea, I'll give a young, eager, hungry, blossoming mind some booze I bet that will slow em down"

  • vaticanvomit July 9, 2015

    The good times was sarcasm you know that right?

  • happyjack July 10, 2015

    ^^^yep, I figured at 5 years old you weren't bellied up to a bar, drinking and having a good time.

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