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posted by Jesse U on 2/25/2005

Pizza Parlor Beating, And No One Bothers To Help

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Jay D.
Fucking pussies just standing around watching this dude getting beaten. And they just act like nothings happen too! What the fuck is the matter with those people?
posted on: 02-25-05 @ 5:35 PM

Pussies is the key word there. The fat ass MoFo who was doing the beating along with his big mouth BITCH need to be drawn and quartered. As for the rest of the worhtless POS’s, they are useless, and should not be allowed to breath my air! What the hell is happening to our society? Come on guys-grow a ball.
posted on: 02-25-05 @ 11:59 PM

Donīt blame them. The G.D. judicial system makes them pussies. The do not want to be sued and put in jail. If they did something to the fat bastard, black motherfucker son of a bitch, they would be sued and LOSE THE TRIAL. Hmmm... no more politics here. They are just plain wet pussies.
posted on: 02-28-05 @ 9:38 AM

now why didnt the fuckin employees call the cops?
posted on: 02-28-05 @ 12:34 PM

i’ve seen this one. the black guy got 5 years in prison.
posted on: 03-03-05 @ 3:34 PM

I agree, they are all pussies but getting sued is not why they do nothing. If you have any fucking backbone at all you help the people who are weaker than you even if it means getting a beating.
posted on: 03-16-05 @ 4:06 AM

They should have a law that if no one helps another person that is need of help, and if their lives depend on it. It’s a damn shame that these people did not step in...anyway, the black guy was beating the guy got sentenced to four years in prison. and the black girl that instigated the fight will be in court for her role.
posted on: 06-16-05 @ 1:20 PM

that was messed up dude even the guy cell damm
posted on: 12-03-06 @ 2:17 PM

i would have jumped the fat fuk right after i kick his fat wife right in the head tha way he would have been mad and he would have probably died of a heart attack
posted on: 10-14-08 @ 8:38 PM

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