Twofer Tuesday: Fatties

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Adam H.
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That was actually a pretty decent cartwheel for a fat disgusting slob. The other fatty ain't quite as agile. She must have had some left over gravy on her shoe and slipped on it.

  • sbohica July 14, 2015

    Always loved cow tipping..

  • happyjack July 14, 2015

    What do you call a fat girl doing a cartwheel? NOTHING. Never call a fat girl (unless you are super desperate)

  • undrtkr July 14, 2015

    would you hit? Hell yes, I would, roll that fat bitch in

    flour and hit every wet spot. You even might find

    you some snacks buried deep in those folds.

  • johnhancock July 14, 2015

    She had to film it because no on believed her

  • captianchaoz July 14, 2015

    Cheerleader, not going to happen this year, or maybe the next five.

    Typical day at Walmart.

  • mrlongshot July 14, 2015

    Belly flap probably hit her in the face during the cartwheel.

  • el_chingon July 14, 2015

    VWs do that!......They need to be recalled and fix that problem.

  • yeayeayea July 14, 2015

    The real causes of earthquakes.

  • jeeprod July 14, 2015

    Wha....? Fat bitch down!? See ya!!

    Tha's not my fat bitch. Nah.

    Ah. She's up. Good for her. Not my fat bitch, tho.

  • dozer67 July 14, 2015

    heard the pop with the cartwheel? that was her shoulder dislocating

  • sirfartsalot July 14, 2015

    Sorry but I have to give props to the fat girl doing a cart wheel. I was impressed. Now make me a sammich.

  • bobbabooey July 14, 2015

    What do you call a fat person who isn't in the United States? An American tourist. Fuck all you fat asses who can't take a joke.

  • cyberbu11y July 14, 2015


  • cyberbu11y July 14, 2015

    @jeeprod I see couples like them everywhere. They're not enormously fat but just fat enough to where they have to settle for eachother

  • truckingman July 14, 2015

    First one, why is she not wearing any paties??? (a questioning and disgusted look on his face) Moving on second, I hate it when I step the wrong way and my ankle goes sideways...

  • potrostation July 14, 2015

    There had to be a Crispy Cream doughnut off camera to make the 1st faddy flip.

  • picklehiesner July 14, 2015

    @truckingman I think her ass ate her thong

  • nybadguy July 14, 2015

    Look at log legs go. I bet shes a real firecracker in the sack.

  • jackpot July 14, 2015

    I've never seen anything that fat do anything close to a complete cartwheel!

  • fatlarry July 14, 2015

    She wasn't going to try a cart wheel until a trip to dairy queen was on the table

  • brewserb July 15, 2015

    Why did we need to see it again in slo-mo? Did we miss something the first time?

  • joedumber July 15, 2015

    fat women make my stomach curl for real, like that fatwheel, i'm holding my churn down as i tyype.

  • handsomedevil July 15, 2015

    as anne bancroft said in the greatest movie "fatso":"fat people are the best people!" truer words. god bless the memory of my uncle ralph. the best i've ever known. god bless the fatties!

  • sanitywelcomed July 15, 2015

    Not a fuck given by that guy

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