How to Fix Your Hoe's Toes

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What do you do when your hoe's toe's are all nasty and ingrown? Take her to the Hoe Toe Repair Shop. They get a little toenail pulley out. Soak her feet and tighten that fucker down. Next thing you know, those toes are all good, and your bitch is out walking the tracking giving foot jobs for cash.

  • crazyvet July 16, 2015

    Now if they could invent one to shrink a pussy.

  • chubbadubba July 16, 2015

    Im hungry for corn chips now

  • sharkkiller1 July 16, 2015

    you should just bite them off like I do on mine

  • xizang July 16, 2015

    Great, now she gets toe nail fungus in that space under the reshaped nails.

  • bobbabooey July 16, 2015

    The Japs need to use those dent pullers on their jacked up teeth

  • realtalks July 16, 2015

    Jay you should see if they make a asshole one to give Adam as a going away present

  • mrlongshot July 16, 2015

    I was waiting for it to split like a potato chip right up the middle.

  • potrostation July 16, 2015

    Shit. This whole time I've been using mine to pull pressed on bearings. I feel so stupid.

  • dozer67 July 16, 2015

    well it kinda works.

  • truckingman July 16, 2015

    If they did not give her some type of medicine of those void left behind from the procedure, she will get a 'MF" Nasty Infection' under she repaired big toe.

  • wardo56 July 16, 2015

    you can also wear bigger shoes

  • bennyboy19 July 16, 2015

    its the song that sickens me

  • fatlarry July 16, 2015 never mind

  • goodster July 17, 2015

    Now all they need to do is make one to open up their slanted eyes.

  • pizzapie July 20, 2015

    chinks think of everything

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