Watch This Trailer Disapear

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They sure don't make trailers like they used to. Then again, they don't make a drivers like they used to. You would think with all that serving, they guy might slow the fuck down. Nope, not one bit, and the trucker nailed that fucker.

  • whobe August 5, 2015

    Had to be chasing a turbo moped because I didn't see it this time.

  • crazyvet August 5, 2015

    Too bad it didn't tear up the radio.

  • narutouzamaki August 5, 2015

    for my next trick i shall make a trailer disapear aaaaand BANG

  • bb71 August 5, 2015

    and his cd didn't even skip through out all of that

  • cbail129 August 5, 2015

    Pedro, you and Antonio have the rest of the week off.

  • mrlongshot August 5, 2015

    That's what happens when you drive on the wrong side of the road, people throw trailers at you.

  • bobbabooey August 5, 2015

    Was there a scooter in that trailer? Fucking karma!

  • truckingman August 5, 2015

    When you start 'Fish Tailing' to a certain degree, like the trail before it hit the semi, it is hard to stop the Fish Tailing trailer. Trucker has to check his insurance, because that semi needs a lot of work or to be replaced...

  • potrostation August 5, 2015

    Looks like Ouch country.

  • corruptedsob August 5, 2015

    Rob ??? The truckingman

  • outotown August 5, 2015

    @truckingman That would have been a good time for trailer brakes--just hit the lever and straighten that shit right out.

  • rifleman123 August 5, 2015

    There went the goddam china

  • chubbadubba August 6, 2015

    Somebody saved them self a trip to the city dump. They woulda broke his balls about not having a tarp

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