Nailed By Motorcyle

This lady just wants to cross the street in peace. She almost ending up in pieces with the shoulder check from rocket man here. He didn't want to stick around to ask questions either, he was out like a light.

  • big_daddy305 August 7, 2015

    I mean..... to be fair.. she did get up and start walking around.. I guess I'm free to go too then.

  • fistermister August 7, 2015

    Oh let just stop right in front of him and see what happens.

  • longhungwong August 7, 2015

    Fuck that bitch, I would have left too, its her own fault for stopping in the first place. Why did she stop like a deer in the headlights?

  • whobe August 7, 2015

    10 points for getting her in the crosswalk.

  • bobbabooey August 7, 2015

    Hit and run douchebag.

  • vulture August 7, 2015

    theres female logic in action...lets stand still and get run over

  • lowdice August 7, 2015

    He wasn't leaving, He was turning around to finish the job.

  • pinkdildolickr August 7, 2015

    It should be legal to run that fucker on the crotch rocket over for trying to leave the scene

  • yeknom August 7, 2015

    All that empty road to either side and she stops exactly in the one place where she could be hit. That's special.

  • truckingman August 7, 2015

    He had time to see her and slow down; however, she was j-walking. Why is it that some people with "Crotch Rocket" turn into MF" ASSHOLIC SHIT BAGS Who think they own the MF" ROAD and Everyone Has to Kiss Their MF" ASSES???

  • potrostation August 7, 2015

    @ vulture: +1 I think she was committing insurance fraud.She stopped then stepped forward to get hit. She knew the car might kill her ,but a bike only meant a broken leg.

  • rifleman123 August 7, 2015

    Both of them no brainers

  • ludenlasivius August 7, 2015

    She couldn't help it, those bikes are chick magnets.

  • mykejp August 7, 2015

    All that street space and she still gets hit by a motorcycle. Seriously?

  • nybadguy August 7, 2015

    That was just a love tap

  • pizzapie August 7, 2015

    another dumb cunt in a crosswalk not looking

  • vaticider August 8, 2015

    Say hello to the ROADS topography, it holds quite a lot of interest with your face down on it.

  • 24135 August 8, 2015

    @ longhungwong: even if they are ridiculously wrong drivers still have to slow down when passing pedestrian crossing.

  • handsomedevil August 8, 2015

    never chew bubble gum and walk at the same time if you're blond.

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