Tanks Turret Gets Fucked

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Dannnng, that tank got fucked up. What did they do, put the turret on with zip ties? I will venture to say someone didn't make it out of that tank alive. Alan Snackbar lives!

  • eject August 11, 2015

    Now THAT'S how it's done.

  • bobbabooey August 11, 2015

    Thanks for muting the snackbars.

  • longhungwong August 11, 2015

    Muslims must buy their tanks from China.

  • filthywilly August 11, 2015

    Where is the chicken shit pit crew ?

  • lowdice August 11, 2015

    That's one way to blow the lid off that can

  • basset3 August 11, 2015

    Wish I could do that with a flashlight.

  • sirfartsalot August 11, 2015

    So nice of our muslim president to supply ISIS.

  • whobe August 11, 2015

    As soon as the thugs break into a store in Ferguson fire one of those behind them when they enter. Problem solved. Make sure you wait until the store is filled with thugs. Guaranteed 100 percent effective.

  • truckingman August 11, 2015

    If you hit the "Bullet Trap," the narrow space between the bottom of turret and the top of the tank, with a rocket; RPG; or a missile, TOW or Javelin, the turrel will MF" fly OFF!!!

  • potrostation August 11, 2015

    Good shot Alan, I say good shot man.

  • anomalous August 11, 2015

    Best curve ball I've ever seen...

  • ludenlasivius August 11, 2015

    Tank turrets are just dropped in and held in place by gravity.

  • mykejp August 11, 2015

    That looping heat seeking projectile was as amusing as the death of those sand monkeys.

  • txdo_msk August 12, 2015

    Judging by that fireball, the turret was the safest place to be...

  • mastermike August 12, 2015

    Holy shit, u can still see the dudes moving in the top part of that bitch that blew off.

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