Cheeting Boyfriend Gets Burned

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Usually when your boyfriend cheats, he gets some VD, and his nuts are burning because of crabs. This chick is tired of that shit, and just lights his junk on fire. Yet, I almost feel it's a bit fake. Thoughts?

  • yeknom August 18, 2015

    Well, could be worse. At least she didn't come at it with any blades.

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  • tookalook August 18, 2015

    assault, arson, slander and just a cunt in general. No wonder he cheated!

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  • tookalook August 18, 2015

    Prob fat too

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  • pinkdildolickr August 18, 2015

    Two things about this...first she said coworker so she has a job and two she only used enough nail polish remover to make her point, not burn the whole place down. So even though she sounded ghetto, I'm giving this girl credit for being pretty smart about the whole thing.

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  •   vaticanvomit August 18, 2015

    It's funny. Post a vid of a bitch caught cheating abs she's this and that. He needs to beat her ass. Other way around and suddenly she's a criminal...And fat? @tookalook, shut up. He is a piece of shit and ghetto she may be. But uhm...she had every fucking right. However....dumb to record this kinda stuff.

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  •   stenchfart August 18, 2015

    at least he don`t have crabs now

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  •   longhungwong August 18, 2015

    That's one way to get your man hot and bothered. @vaticanvomit your stuff lights my stuff on fire.

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  •   big_daddy305 August 18, 2015

    Actually @vaticanvomit, although I do agree with your point, she had zero right to set him on fire. She had the right to be upset. She even had the right to tell him to leave. The only reason she didn't burn the place down is because it wasn't his place. If it was his place, you better believe that whole place would be on fire.

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  • tookalook August 18, 2015

    @vaticanvomit suck a fat dick

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  •   vaticanvomit August 18, 2015

    @tookalook....I would love to. I know you don't have one, so invite someone who does.

    @big_daddy...You're right. No right. I'm violent. I forget it's wrong sometimes.

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  •   whobe August 18, 2015

    Dude look at the bright side your dick won't be catching cold.

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  • poida August 18, 2015

    He thought the heat was from a BBW

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  •   mykejp August 18, 2015

    At least his burning dick isn't from the clap.

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  • pinkdildolickr August 18, 2015

    @vaticanvomit I would volunteer my dick anytime you need and oral fix as long as I can return the favor and go down on you

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  •   truckingman August 18, 2015

    I am surprised that he did not react the MF" ""ACETONE"" in the Nail Polish Remover that MF" SHIT WOULD HAVE EATEN UP HIS MALE GENITALIA!!!!!!

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  •   potrostation August 18, 2015

    Nice of you to record your assault. It makes it so much easier for the judge.

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  • thenewguy August 18, 2015

    The first black person with a fire crotch

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  • ludenlasivius August 18, 2015

    Jumpin fuckin Jesus... dump all his shit on the curb and shame him in front of his friends. Maybe even beat his ass a bit, and his side ho too. A couple bruises and some humiliation is perfectly acceptable. But these psycho bitches wanna burn your shit up or cut it off... the fuck is wrong with you?!

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  • aquahollic August 18, 2015

    don't care what he did bitch gotta die

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  • rifleman123 August 18, 2015

    This post and that song happybirthday go together

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  •   nybadguy August 18, 2015

    My wife said good. I said i love you baby

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  • dracos August 18, 2015

    the orginal flesh light

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  •   sbohica August 18, 2015

    That's automatic death by skull fucking!

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  •   brewserb August 19, 2015

    I'm sure they will get back together. And a free section 8 house as a marriage gift.

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  • durante August 19, 2015

    I'm calling bullshit, no motherfucker sleeps with some tall ass socks on no matter how beat his wheels are.

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  • cellule August 19, 2015

    How to cook fried chicken without deep-frying it.

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  •   oldrooster August 19, 2015

    Its the start of the nigger olympics. Now he has to run down the street and pass that shit off.

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  •   dozer67 August 19, 2015

    @vaticanvomit .....marry me !?!

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  • marshall666 January 3, 2016

    Fake, maybe but still funny and if he did cheat he deserves it.

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