White trash earns his stripes

Big Jeff
30,416 Views 2 years ago

No dad I won't stop hanging with my black friends. So take your drunk ass back home and fuck grandma like you do every other Sunday.

  •   toreal August 29, 2015

    Black kid was raised right. He showed compassion. White trash on the other hand is typical white trash.

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  • aquahollic August 29, 2015

    how pussy do you have to be to sucker punch an old drunk? I mean you could have told him it was coming and still had the same results

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  •   stenchfart August 29, 2015

    oh yeah...quality individual there..somebody should have beat that lil punks ass in front of him

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  •   whobe August 29, 2015

    Remember one thing you punks karma is a bitch.

    +8 -0
  •   sbohica August 29, 2015

    @toreal, there's more of a chance than not that ur ancestry arises from a load shot out of a white mans cock! Think bout it....

    +6 -2
  • wifebeater2000 August 29, 2015

    fuck those niggers !!!!

    +6 -3
  •   nybadguy August 29, 2015

    That there is a white nigger.

    +6 -1
  • lowdice August 29, 2015

    Sad shit all the way around.

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  •   potrostation August 29, 2015

    I half expected the old white dude to say" Are you the kids who painted my cat's ass blue"?

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  •   ouch August 29, 2015

    Excuse me from being old school but what is actually wrong with just walking away?

    +5 -1
  •   truckingman August 29, 2015

    Ok, I do not know what to say about this video other than the whole situation was FUCK UP from the begining. I agree with you Ouch walking away should and always be your first option...

    +6 -1
  • joedumber August 29, 2015

    hmmm let me think, guilty of assault and more guilty for putting your guilty sentence on video.

    +3 -0
  • ludenlasivius August 29, 2015

    Ironically, they just validated his point.

    +4 -0
  •   happyjack August 29, 2015

    Maybe it knocked some sense into him. Old fool.

    +6 -5
  • anomalous August 29, 2015

    How in the fuck can you be proud of your race? You dumb shit stupid motherfuckin' piece of racist bullshit! Did you actually have a choice when you were born? Fuck no! So just shut the fuck up and quit bein' a wigger.

    +2 -1
  •   happyjack August 30, 2015

    kids are stupid until they have life and real world experience. Why does this older dude get a pass on not conducting himself like a respectable adult? Fuck the kids and fuck the old man. Probably been talking a bunch of shit his whole life and it finally caught up to hm. Maybe that was the old fool's karma.

    +6 -3
  • aquahollic August 30, 2015

    @happyjack the reason why people are more focused on the kids is while the old drunk is a racist prick he didn't break the law... the kid sucker punching an old drunk when he could have walked away is call assault and battery

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  •   happyjack August 31, 2015

    @aquahollic, well I guess I'm more old school than the new way of doing things. It reminds me of the kid on the school playground who talks a bunch of stuff that he should get his ass kicked for, but then runs to the teacher to tell either who beat his ass or who is about to do it. I personally want to see that kid get his ass beat every time, so he'll learn to shut his mouth and respect others around him. Shouldn't start a fight that you aren't prepared to finish.

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  • sokonomi September 19, 2015

    Backhanded cheapshot, TNB.

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  • rabbithole March 11, 2018

    That took a lot of intelligence and courage to sucker punch the old guy like that .. Fucking Moron!

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