Shot in the head...time to fap

Big Jeff
27,625 Views 1 year ago

Well if you get shot in the head it's probably not long before you check out. So what better time to fap than then? Now he gets to have the strange satisfaction of coming and going at the same time.

  • whobe August 30, 2015

    Hes making sure they didn't shoot his junk off.

  • potrostation August 30, 2015

    He has organ donor on his drivers license. He was making sure they hadn't taken it before he was done using it.

  • aquahollic August 30, 2015

    ok i'll say it... he wanted to come and go at the same time

  • urapnes1701d August 30, 2015

    He must have misunderstood when the medic said, "You're Fucked". Clearly he wasn't talking about his dick.

  • outotown August 30, 2015

    All those people standing around and not one offers to help jack him off, shaking my head.

  • thisbitch420 August 30, 2015

    It could help him stay conscious.... LoL

  • truckingman August 30, 2015

    Well at least he was trying to take is mind off the pain and die happily, I estimate.

  • allcaps August 30, 2015

    That's were I keep my pistol..would be reaching there too..

  • nybadguy August 31, 2015

    Fucker looks like a zombie

  • dr88 August 31, 2015

    Secondary bran (inside skull) off-line.

    Primary brain (in crotch area) takes over.

  • krazyk September 3, 2015

    Coming and going at the same time. LMMFAO!

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