Racists ass sink

Big Jeff
17,488 Views 1 year ago

There's a few reasons I can think this could happen. Most of those reasons are having to do with where they were made, but that would mean hillbillys would have to program computers and we all know that's not happening.

  • aquahollic September 7, 2015

    some things just can't be washed away

  • mrlongshot September 7, 2015

    Soap dispenser knows it doesn't stand a chance of cleaning that.

  • potrostation September 7, 2015

    Bath room at Dennny's.

  • darksider803 September 7, 2015

    black hand was stealth black so it could not see it.

  • fatlarry September 7, 2015

    Maybe that's the whites only bathroom

  • happyjack September 7, 2015

    Making progress though, before we couldn't even use the same bathroom.

  • sparkles September 7, 2015

    Hillbillys runnin computers eh Jeff? Hmmm. I think your name should be tiny Jeff. To match your tiny brain. LOL!

  • truckingman September 7, 2015

    It is not racists BULLSHIT. It is reflectivity BULLSHIT. Lighter colors reflect the infrared beam of light while darker colors absorb this infrared beam of light.

  • sbohica September 7, 2015

    Notice the wedding ring? "It", is just making sure he can't wash the smell of strip club pussy off his hands before he gets home to the wife!!!

  • sharkkiller1 September 7, 2015

    its just not possible to wash the nigger out of a nigger

  • ven0m89 September 7, 2015

    Sink knows whitey has been working to support his family.

  • oldrooster September 7, 2015

    That must be a bathroom in a police station.

  • pizzapie September 7, 2015

    Blacks blame everything on race. Get this , We don't give a fuck

  • darksider803 September 7, 2015

    @pizzapie : I don't have friends of different race I have friends of different pigment we are all the same race it's called human. and if anyone argues then they need to go to a science class sometime.

  • txdo_msk September 7, 2015

    Wow! AI sure has advanced. The dispenser knews the soap would have been a waste of time.

  • showmeurtits September 7, 2015

    Sink is just not used to a nigger with hygiene.

  • ibetdaddy September 8, 2015

    KKK outpost 321

  • mrdrip September 8, 2015

    it's not that it is racist, there's white foam for white people and there is black foam for black people, just that it ran out.

  • cellule September 9, 2015

    Did he sued the soap dispenser?

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