Biker becomes one with the vehicle

Big Jeff
17,220 Views 2 years ago

Damn that bike must have weighed a fucking ton to almost roll that car. Also was that driver made of fucking lead or what to disappear like that without a trace.

  •   big_daddy305 September 13, 2015

    He hit that car so hard it caused a black hole to open up and send him to another dimension where he's still riding safely.

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  •   vulture September 13, 2015

    @big_daddy305...his dimension was 5foot 10inches its now 3foot

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  • darksider803 September 13, 2015

    hit so hard the bike vanished and the van almost flipped.

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  •   potrostation September 13, 2015

    The real cost of owning a rice rocket.

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  •   whobe September 13, 2015

    I rode for 40 years and I usually take up for bikers because some people will pull out in front of you even when they have eyes on you. Because of that you have to ride like you are invisible or you end up like this guy. Also this stupid fuck was going way to fast for conditions and he paid for it.

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  •   truckingman September 13, 2015

    The biker and his bike had a lot of forward momentum that propelled the car almost on to it side, and the biker into the wooded area alongside the intersection. Also, I can not tell the speed of the bike because it was in the frame for only a second before hitting the car.

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  • ludenlasivius September 13, 2015

    88 mph, flux capacitor kicked in just in the nick of time.

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  • boo75 September 13, 2015

    i see mr bean's car on the right not moving, i think he was sleeping

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  •   h0rhay September 14, 2015

    I think he is in the back seat.

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  • honkie365 September 14, 2015

    Well, the stupid fuck won't do that again.

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  • aquahollic September 14, 2015

    upgraded crotch rocket to crotch missile

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  • boney1 September 15, 2015

    bet last thing that went thru his mind was his ass

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  •   dozer67 September 17, 2015

    Is the owner of the car going to get a ticket because of his new passenger not wearing seat belt?

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