Guy Get's Fucked Up By Pitbulls

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I did some research on this video. From what I read the owner, a woman, and this guy may have gotten into an argument, and she let the dogs go on him. After that 8 by standers did the best they could to get the dogs off him. The guy is 62 years old and in the hospital now. Lots of reconstructive surgery. He even said that pitbulls aren't bad, but these two dogs were trained to attack. The woman has been arrested, and the dogs are in the pound.

  • lowdice September 16, 2015

    Dogs don't act like that unless they where trained to act like that... Even Pitts

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  • prodeath September 16, 2015

    I think this was in NY, guy was arguing with a woman and she sicced her dogs on him. Note to self - never argue with a cunt with pit bulls.

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  •   dozer67 September 16, 2015

    got to admit they are good at what they were trained to do.kill

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  • realtalks September 16, 2015

    Fucking bitch, she deserves to go for attempted murder, it's the owners first and foremost not the dogs. Dogs will get put down because of how this bitch had them trained.

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  • tgarner September 16, 2015

    WTF, I seen at least 3 or 4 black guys and none of them had a gun, seriously?

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  •   stenchfart September 16, 2015

    doesn`t anybody know how to body slam a dog?

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  • xizang September 16, 2015

    All pit bulls and their owners should be shot on sight.

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  •   longhungwong September 16, 2015

    People are animals

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  •   whobe September 16, 2015

    I hope the owner has good insurance.

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  • fatlarry September 16, 2015

    fuck a fucking pit-bull piece of shot dogs the breed needs to be irradicated

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  • boney1 September 16, 2015

    Tastes like Chicken

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  • realtalks September 16, 2015

    Hey Xizang, I have a pit mastiff mix, I also have a 45, a 357 mag, and a few other assortments. Come eradicate me......

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  • geoffblgv September 16, 2015

    pitbulls eating everyone?

    yeah, better go check that out with my daughter...

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  •   corruptedsob September 16, 2015

    Good Boy ... now go chew on the sofa

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  •   potrostation September 16, 2015

    You take your non-dominate arm and sacrifice it to the dog. The punch the shit out of the dog's neck. After a half dozen hay makers any dog will let go.

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  • mrdrip September 16, 2015

    Most people think they know how to train dogs but they really have no fucking clue on how's done. A dog who is aggressive is not a problem dog but an incompetent owner. If your dogs barks to other dogs/people, doesn't get at least one hour of walking a day (backyard time does not count), pulls the leash, walks in front, is fed from the table or eats at the same time as people, jumps on the sofa/bed when he wants... YOU are doing it fucking wrong, get a fucking goldfish!

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  • jimmydcap September 16, 2015

    They were only going after the bone he was hiding.

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  • lowdice September 16, 2015

    Damn!! Can I get on the -1 train too?

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  •   truckingman September 16, 2015

    Even if those dogs where playful as pups THAN MF" B*TCH TOLD THEM TO ATTACK, THEY WILL HAVE TO BE EUTHANIZED that is the law......

    PISSED OFF AT THE OWNER ON THE TWO PITBULLS and shaking his head in remorse for the old man and the two dogs, Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

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  • aquahollic September 16, 2015

    @xizang eat a dick

    +3 -2
  •   mykejp September 16, 2015

    I guess putting open cans of Alpo in his pants as a prank was not such a hot idea.

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  •   nybadguy September 16, 2015

    Fuck all of you idiot's that talk shit about pit bulls. It's not the dog it's the owner.

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  • darksider803 September 16, 2015

    ok whatever!!!!

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  • anomic September 16, 2015

    Wow adozen hood rats cant handle 2 pitbulls? This is exactly what the nwo controllers want. Peple so helpless tht the have to call the govt for help over a dog?

    We have morons in town that decide the best thing to do with their out of control pitbull is to let it "live free" in the country. A week later its half starved and chasing my livestock.

    guess what happenswhen someones ferral pitbull is chasing my 2$/lb cattle?

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  • anomic September 16, 2015


    You take your non-dominate arm and sacrifice it to the dog. The punch the shit out of the dog’s neck. After a half dozen hay makers any dog will let go.


    i always heard give them an arm then put the other hand behind their head and push down and rotate the head back with the traped hand to snap neck.

    Either way at least try to fight back dont roll around on the ground like a newborn baby for fucks sake.

    +3 -4
  •   happyjack September 17, 2015

    ^^^^^soinds like you got it all figured out. But this is the city not broke back mountain. In the city in addition to helping you also call the authorities for an emergency. Way to disrespect the people risking their own safety by calling them hood rats. Those were complete strangers trying to help a 62 year old man who was being mauled half to death. When you do your hand to hand pit bull combat on Broke Back Mountain be sure to take plenty of pictures of that "non dominate" fighting arm you plan on sacrificing to the dogs. We'd love to see it.

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  •   picklehiesner September 17, 2015

    Did he have bacon in his pocket ?

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  • aquahollic September 17, 2015

    @fatlarry you too can eat a dick... anyone that blames the breed has never owned one they are a very loyal loving protective dog

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  •   oldrooster September 17, 2015

    Ehhh.....That man was probably a fuckin pedofile anyway. Good boy fido.

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  • anomic September 17, 2015

    Lol happyjack some people invented guns 500 years ago some peopl are to dumb to even pick up a rock or stick they are known as hood rats.

    "Authorities" lmao. Surrending your independence to the govt so they can "help you" is how you wnd up in a fema camp

    +1 -0
  • anomic September 17, 2015

    Btw happy i have delt with 4 pitbulls in the last 2 years. Not a scratch on me. Go on beiny progressive living by the law of the jungle in the city. Im glad you and all the other animals keep yourself in those zoos

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  •   happyjack September 17, 2015

    Again it's not in the Wild West people aren't randomly walking down the street with firearms and rocks and sticks aren't necessarily just laying around on the sidewalk and street. You think you don't need the government??? Oh you do you just don't realize it. Without our government, someone from another part of the world would be living at your Broke Back ranch right now. You gonna take on the whole world lol?

    +0 -3
  • anomic September 17, 2015

    I always carry at least one gun...

    Idk where you are but in virginia lots of people carry. Open and/or concealed.

    But realy you think our govt is keeping peoe from other parts of the word out? Have you watched the news?

    If they are brave AND able enough to take this place from me then i guess its my time to go...

    +1 -1
  • pistolero September 17, 2015

    That stupid fuck holding the leash needs his face curb stomped. LOL

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  • spinal12 September 17, 2015

    Niggers and Pitt bulls are two of a kind ,like two peas in a pod.

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  •   dozer67 September 17, 2015

    Unless that is a family member gun or not I'm not getting involved just going to watch the carnage.

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  • fatlarry September 17, 2015

    Call me an asshole call me what you want pit-bulls will attack other animals and or people at will. if you own one I don't care if you are super trainer, you cant take the piece of shit dogs to a park without them attacking any other dog that comes near

    +0 -1
  •   happyjack September 17, 2015

    @anomic. Of course they are keeping other countries from taking us over. I'm not talking about terrorist, I'm talking about a total invasion, where they rename the place. All of the guns in your house, city , or even state are a complete joke compared to what our military has.

    +0 -0
  • anomic September 17, 2015

    Happy how much crack have you been smokin?

    The real deal is the COG (continuity of government) types like oliver north wouldnt use the militaries guns against us. It will be germs, and your right it dosntmatter how many guns you have when the govt releases a weaponized smallpox on us

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  • anomic September 17, 2015

    Poor happy has been drinking that city water full of flouride. try springwater

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  •   happyjack September 18, 2015

    Can't reason with a paranoid person. Why in the fuck would our government poison some perfectly good taxpayers???makes no fucking sense. Everything revolves around money period the end. I don't buy conspiracy theory bullshit unless it involves money.

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  • anomic September 18, 2015


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  • cellule September 18, 2015

    He's been treated by Dr.Ballard.

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  • cruiserman September 19, 2015

    Just kill the fucking Dogs.

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  • keno1226 September 20, 2015

    The owner should be shot.

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  • tibiafinger September 22, 2015

    @tgarner That's what I was thinking too.

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  • tibiafinger September 22, 2015

    I see videos all the time where black guys whip out guns. Here's a situation where a gun was needed. I think I counted at least four black guys and Nobody's got a gun.

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  • china_mike December 2, 2016

    that guy must have smelled like bacon.

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  • redcalx December 28, 2016

    The owner should be fed to ants

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  • noihavetosaythis January 1, 2017

    I love dogs . . and hate dogowners.

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