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Karma is a bitch mother fucker. While we all sit in traffic, you think you can just skate by us because you have a motorcycle? Well here is a shoulder check for your answer.

  • vulture September 23, 2015

    top marks to the pedestrian for stopping that dickhead racer

  • el_chingon September 23, 2015

    Yes....Jaywalker had the right of way !

  • sbohica September 23, 2015

    Frogger is a kickass game bitches!

  • stenchfart September 23, 2015

    knew that was coming --or a door opening

  • darksider803 September 23, 2015

    and back of the line you go

  • yeknom September 23, 2015

    Oh man that's perfect. A dipshit walking into traffic and a guy riding like an asshole both eating shit together. Fucking beautiful.

  • maddog123 September 23, 2015

    Apparently did I spell that right happy apparently these two dumb asses aren't internet educated by CS or best gore or they would of known better .

  • mykejp September 23, 2015

    Did not expect a jaywalking pedestrian. Serves them both right.

  • truckingman September 23, 2015

    The windshield deflected the pedestrian's arm. It would have been better if the pedestrian's arm hit the motorcycle rider in the head, even though they are wearing a helmet, cause the rider to get whiplash.

  • nybadguy September 23, 2015

    HAHA. dick head

  • cellule September 24, 2015

    Motorcycles are just big mopeds.

  • misfit_88 September 24, 2015

    50 points.

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