Dog Chased Guy Into Truck

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Dude, what the hell are you doing running from the dog across the street like that? By the way, DHL is on time, every time. Now someone go clean that guy up off the side of the road.

  • ludenlasivius September 24, 2015

    Even the dog was smart enough not to run into the street.

  • redhedridr September 24, 2015

    Well trained dog, scared the ghost out of that nigger!

  • stenchfart September 24, 2015

    he got decent air and hang time...glad the dog is ok

  • picklehiesner September 24, 2015

    Dog trots back into yard snickering

  • crazyvet September 24, 2015

    Don't have to worry about your fear of dogs anymore. Should have been afraid of moving vehicles.

  • darksider803 September 24, 2015

    @picklehiesner yea and next week it's the postman into a buss

  • maddog123 September 24, 2015

    He's black so I'm guessing he thought that was a police doggy smart doggy to of course a dog is smarter than a coon

  • whobe September 24, 2015

    This is one reason dogs chase people.

  • assmasterson September 24, 2015

    Hello. My name is Inigo Dogtoya. You ate my father. Prepare to fly.

  • truckingman September 24, 2015

    The dog was trying to protect its' yard. It did not even fellow the guy. As you can see when the guy got hit, the dog ran back to its' owner's domicile that guy is or was, I do not know if he survived this accident, easily spooked.

  • potrostation September 24, 2015

    A DHS truck,he wasn't going to make his delivery on time any way.

  • bb71 September 24, 2015

    Dog is tired of chasing cars, he found a way to make them stop. Work smarter not harder.

  • spinal12 September 24, 2015

    We need more of them cowboy nigger hating dogs.

  • el_chingon September 24, 2015

    Good Boy! Good Boy! earned a steak today!

  • corruptedsob September 24, 2015

    I'd adopt that dog too

  • big_daddy305 September 24, 2015

    He had more hang time than Jordan in 96!

  • cellule September 25, 2015

    Dumbass! Get a moped asap.

  • boney1 September 25, 2015

    the real side is if the dumbass lives and gets his hands on the video he wioll no doubt sue and win and the dog will be put down,

    SOOOOOO lets all hold hands and Pray he didnt make it.

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