The Trouble With Being a Bully

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See that is the trouble with being a bully, because there might be someone bigger and punches harder than you. I have to say that the kid that stepped in to defend the blind guy is a good kid, and I would like to see more of this shit happen in our society.

  • stenchfart September 25, 2015

    looks like he fucked him up...he should just stick to rearranging the furniture

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  • crazyvet September 25, 2015

    Now we have a blind kid and a retarded bully.

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  • johnhancock September 25, 2015

    He never saw it coming

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  • whobe September 25, 2015

    Blind guy says yea better not let me see you around here again. Y'all move on nothing to see here.

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  • lowdice September 25, 2015

    Whobe that's fcked up but funny as shit!! 10+

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  • lowdice September 25, 2015

    I have a question, why does the blind kid have head phones on? I don't think that's a hearing aid.

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  • darksider803 September 25, 2015

    they cry when knocked down and looks like his boyfriend helped him up. awww

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  • realtalks September 25, 2015

    ^lowdice cause he's blind not fucking deaf. I didn't know you needed to see in order to hear music.

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  • realtalks September 25, 2015

    That little bitch deserved that and more, I would have brought the blind kid over and have him stomp that bitch some more. Don't fuck with disabled kids that can't defend themselves

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  • sbohica September 25, 2015

    @lowdice, did u have a massive brain fart?!?

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  • vulture September 25, 2015

    nice to see somebody stand up for disabled

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  • longhungwong September 25, 2015

    Good for that kid defending the helpless, that that punk got what he deserved

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  • corruptedsob September 25, 2015

    He needs to stick with being a cyber bully

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  • handsomedevil September 25, 2015

    gotta love the irony; he was blindsided.

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  • truckingman September 25, 2015

    Retaliation BITCH!!!

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  • tookalook September 25, 2015

    A ray of hope in a seriously fucked up world.

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  • potrostation September 25, 2015

    Works for me.Make friends with the big kid; and don't be an asshole.

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  • goodster September 25, 2015

    @sbohica, Lowdice was the bully on the ground. Now he's called LowIQ.

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  • lowdice September 25, 2015

    @ sbohica and realtalks. The reason I said that is, most blind people need to hear what's around them to get around and if they are in pubic they never wear ear phones. Get it?

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  • lowdice September 25, 2015

    Echo location is what the blind call it

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  • ludenlasivius September 25, 2015

    There was a deaf kid named Howie in my pre-school day care class. He was a real asshole, I had to beat his ass a couple times. True story, bro.

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  • cyberbu11y September 25, 2015

    @corruptedsob.. Haha good one. The irony is when I was younger me and my friends used to do the same shit to bullies. It was one thing to poke fun at people for their shortcomings so everyone got a laugh but it was an entirely different once you put your hands on a defenseless person to prove yourself. If we saw that YOU GOT FUCKED UP

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  • vaticider September 25, 2015

    The fucked up thing about this video and the out come....the bully got arrested...and the kid that saved the blind kid, was kicked off the football team...I personal never had school spirit, but what message does this send...No tolerance is bullshit, there is always a gray area...I guess the school wants the kids to grow up and turn out like the Asian culture where people stroll past murders and rapes like nothings happening. Fuck them in their stupid fucking asses with a barbwire stick.

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  • allcaps September 26, 2015

    Black lives don't matter..

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  • oldrooster September 26, 2015

    He may have been kicked off the team but you know hes still getting laid because of this video.

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  • cellule September 26, 2015

    Send this guy a T-shirt and I'll pay for his VIP.

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  • nybadguy September 26, 2015

    Bullies are the biggest pussies out there. Stand up to them and they will leave you alone. I got bullied by 3 kids when i was in 5th grade. One day in the school yard i snapped and fought them. After that they never fucked with me ever again. I was like the only white kid in the school. School in brooklyn back in the day was ruff for a white kid. Especially in the ghetto.

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  • maddog123 September 26, 2015

    This fucking punk made me want to punch out my screen karma can be a bigger bitch sometimes and his first born be blind

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  • pistolero September 26, 2015

    @vaticider The other part of the video is that the "bully" who was arrested started punch this blind kid because the blind kid was popping his mouth off and calling him a faggot. Still no reason to punch a blind kid but on the other hand.. he was asking for it.

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  • slopeass4 September 26, 2015

    fuck that kid hitting that blind kid, what a super asshole nerd.

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  • vaticider September 27, 2015

    @pistolero May of been shooting his mouth off, but its worse then hitting a beef is mainly with the schools action....Just about the happiest day in my life was when my kids graduated and I didn't have to worry about the schools Nazi style of right and wrong.

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  • sokonomi September 27, 2015

    "You good austin? Im fuckin good, rody!"

    The spirit of that kid, fantastic.

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  • tuatara October 27, 2015


    So blind kids arent allowed to listen to music?

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