Chinese thieves are cut throat

Big Jeff
34,106 Views 1 year ago

It's dog eat dog world out there, and most criminals are cut throat. These criminals are both things, China of course kinda misinterpreted the phrase. Sad to know this was just over two lunchables and a Sprite.

  • mykejp October 5, 2015

    Bargain hunting is really a cutthroat competition these days.

  • xizang October 5, 2015

    Do the ladies really think all their shrill screaming is going to do any good?

  • dozer67 October 5, 2015

    They sell everything but don't have anything to stop the bleeding?

  • dozer67 October 5, 2015

    Sorry to see but that persons face get's whiter and whiter, sorry to say a goner....... Dozer the tow truck driver..

  • woozlewuzzle October 5, 2015

    At least they give a shit about a human life for once.

  • doonut October 5, 2015

    I have never seen this many concerned Chinese people before, it's gotta be fake. They run over kids in the street and nobody even stops.

  • nybadguy October 5, 2015

    Come on ming. We want a close up.

  • truckingman October 5, 2015

    I am not going to watch her death. I hope they caught and sentenced those ASSHOLIC MOTHER FUCKING BULLSHITTING PUSSY SHIT(S) TO DEATH!

  • maddog123 October 5, 2015

    Wallmart china dude tried to steal crackers and this devoted dumb ass tried to fight him over them have a nice day give me them goddam crackers have a nice day read about it on kaotic

  • dracos October 6, 2015

    boy , that chinese walmart is really slashing prices on neck scarves .

  • oldrooster October 6, 2015

    Me Chinese. Me play joke. Me put switchblade in your throat.

  • cellule October 6, 2015

    I fuckin' KNEW IT! Asian bitches are slitted sideway!

  • dicktoes October 6, 2015

    can someone teach me how to make a joke to this kind of stuff? im new here.

  • misfit_88 October 6, 2015

    i have seen this video elsewhere and some time ago. It still gets me hard....

  • redhedridr October 6, 2015

    Put a tourniquet on it and she will be fine.

  • cellule October 7, 2015

    @dicktoes : Write this as a comment: "Asian = moped but where's the moped?"

  • spartan22407 October 9, 2015

    Is that how they say, "World Star! World Star!" in Chinese?

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