Suicide By Cop in Cleveland

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You have to give credit where credit is due. This cop did not want to shoot the guy. Hell, the guy even shot the cop! But this guy wanted to get shot, and he got his wish.

  •   nybadguy October 8, 2015

    Only about 20 billion to go

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  • xizang October 8, 2015

    Someone should have told the suicidal guy that his fly was unzipped. Then when he looked down to zip up, they could have rushed him and cuffed him.

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  •   longhungwong October 8, 2015

    Mad props to the cop

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  •   vulture October 8, 2015

    always be carful what you wish for

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  • pinkdildolickr October 8, 2015

    "I know you shot me but I'm not going to shoot you" that cop deserves a fucking medal!

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  • mrlongshot October 8, 2015

    I can hear it now, "Cops only shot him cuz he's black!"

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  •   big_daddy305 October 8, 2015

    Here's a strategy.. one of the other cops that's yelling at him to put the gun down maybe grab their tazer and taze his ass.. put him down and get him some help. And if you miss with the tazer or it doesn't affect him, then if he raises his gun you shoot. I know, I know... wishful thinking right?

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  •   whobe October 8, 2015

    Sad situation and I'm glad it wasn't me that had to shoot him. On the other hand if they would have been armed with a bucket of KFC the outcome would have been different.

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  • sharkkiller1 October 8, 2015

    why don't they just pop him in the knee that'll make him drop his gun and good job on the cops part for the double tap


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  •   corruptedsob October 8, 2015

    Fuck that jackoff

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  • aquahollic October 8, 2015

    why do these jackasses waste our taxes and put the cops at risk... you want to die you have a gun... just do it and let everyone else have a nice day

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  •   truckingman October 8, 2015

    Now the officers have to live with the knowledge that they took his life when he make them take safety precautions, why because he broke up with his lover.

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  • fatlarry October 8, 2015

    The family will still sue and settle out of court "cause I gets mines"

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  •   maddog123 October 9, 2015

    Fuck that asking to die should have just ask for a cheese burger and a blow job from the killer paw paw his zipper was down and ready to go the dumb ass

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  •   handsomedevil October 9, 2015

    @aquaholic yup. if i was to off my self, i'd draw a nice little bath for myself, slit my wrist and call it a day. the roman patrician way. all very noble, with dignified quietude.

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  •   oldrooster October 9, 2015

    Good Cop. Bad situation.

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  • dracos October 9, 2015

    You know , I guess white people have to do eeeeveryything for these folk

    I mean he had his own gun and could simply have pointed it at himself...but nooo, that's too much work...LBP

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  • bukakkeejuice October 9, 2015

    @mrlongshot sad but true..maybe its not always the cops open ur eyes people

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  •   misfit_88 October 9, 2015

    Fuck that. If there was a crazed nigger with a gun in front of me i would NOT hesitate shooting to kill.

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  • charlie3zero October 9, 2015

    I'm calling police brutality.. not sure why, but it might get me some feminist liberal pussy.. them fuckers don't shave and I need more of that shit.

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  • cellule October 9, 2015

    @big_daddy305 Tazing (or missing the shot, who cares) would have surprised him, therefore offering another 'option' in the situation other than firing to kill. I'm 100% with you on this one, you jerk.

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  • echo September 14, 2017

    I am very impressed with the cop. Waiting to shoot until he would do something stupid, while trying to calm him down. Respect.

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