Stabbing at Lion's Gate

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This is how you prove a point. You try and stab a mother fucker! But, this Alan Snackbar tried to stab a dude wearing a flak jacket. That shit didn't work, then he was gunned down and killed by at least 10 police. I like this kind of terrorism!

  • mykejp October 13, 2015

    One down, two billion sand monkeys to go.

  • antirano2121 October 13, 2015

    This video makes me feel all warm and happy inside

  • big_daddy305 October 13, 2015

    This video makes me think that guy wanted to die.

  • xizang October 13, 2015

    Muslims dying makes my day.

  • nybadguy October 13, 2015

    The fuck was he thinking

  • crazyvet October 13, 2015

    Typical fuckhead bringing a knife to a gun fight.

  • darksider803 October 13, 2015

    wow MORON

  • dozer67 October 13, 2015

    I like to see these sand fuckers die like the next human, but were are the drifting accidents? I miss those.

  • stenchfart October 13, 2015

    well... that was a bad decision

  • aquahollic October 13, 2015

    this is the conversation in his mind.... ok i'll stab this motherfucker then i'll go neo on these shits and explode one of them from the inside... let's roll... shit that didn't work ow ow ow ow owwww motherfucker owwww fuck you neo fuck you

  • ouch October 13, 2015

    Appropriate response

  • scottishtits77 October 13, 2015

    Appropriate response is right! The only way it could've been better is if the police butt-fucked him with a pork truncheon. Enjoy your virgins in Hell you goat-raping fucktard.

  • crackhitler October 13, 2015

    That's a lot of GhostBusters and they ain't taking shit from nobody!

  • maddog123 October 14, 2015

    Game over one dollar to play again

  • oldrooster October 14, 2015

    Hes obviously not a Shitter, case we all know what happens when you start a gun fight with a knife.

  • jayzee October 15, 2015

    Don't care to me what the guy did, always it's nice to see a pig being fucked

  • phuket_3ways October 15, 2015

    If THEY get that mad when you ask .... Are you Jesus From Mexico .....

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