Fuck Looking Both Ways

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You ever have to shit so bad you would just run right out into traffic? That's what happened to this guy. He ran right out, and got nailed. Band news is, he shit himself, and all over the car that hit him.

  • bobbabooey October 23, 2015

    Walking while Asian + Driving while Asian

  • whobe October 23, 2015

    Now I see why they call those shoes Nike Air.

  • mykejp October 23, 2015

    Not the final destination that the pedestrian had in mind.

  • pizzapie October 23, 2015

    Stupidity gets punished again

  • picklehiesner October 23, 2015

    His shoe nearly went into orbit

  • nybadguy October 23, 2015

    Another repost

  • truckingman October 23, 2015

    Why did he not use the crosswalk or is there not one at the corner? At least, he should have crossed slowly looking both for traffic as he crossed at the corner like it is stated in that law.

  • big_daddy305 October 23, 2015

    Now a days it's "survival of the least idiotic."

  • danimal69 October 23, 2015

    Man if your going to hitch a ride you got to hold on better.

  • sharkkiller1 October 24, 2015

    ha ha ha you got killed by a yugo

  • oldrooster October 24, 2015

    ROOK OUT!!!!!!

  • krazyk October 24, 2015

    What's the purpose of leaving home if you're that dumb?

  • whitechristian October 25, 2015

    I have a feeling he wasn't suppose to drive down the middle so the asian wasn't suspecting a car coming that way.

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