Brazilian Drive By

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Wait a minute, I didn't see anyone wearing a motorcycle helmet shooting at people. How can this be? The criminals are moving up in the world and shit is getting real. I don't think the guy getting shot survived.

  • sexyarcee October 28, 2015

    Only good things out of brazil are their waxes and their women

  • dozer67 October 28, 2015

    When you are in a car you have 3000 pound weapon, use it next time!!

  • bobbabooey October 28, 2015

    Brazil is Mexico with bigger butts and more anal sex.

  • cyberbu11y October 28, 2015

    I'll be damned if I let those gay hamsters from the kia soul commercial try and plug me...

  • longhungwong October 28, 2015

    you need to get out more, or diversify @bobba Mexico is nothing like Brazil. They're both violent and a very different way.

  • breakfastblunt October 28, 2015

    would have been cooler if he would have jumped out and ghost rode the whip. probably would have shot the guy more than once too

  • corruptedsob October 28, 2015

    That car was really gay gangster

  • realtalks October 28, 2015

    Dude needs to shoot himself for that one, letting some gay gangsta in a smart car put a cap in him

  • maddog123 October 28, 2015

    Iook like he got it in the ass but you never no once hit where that bullet going to come out I got one in the knee and the fucker came out my stomach Nam 71

  • bobbabooey October 29, 2015

    @Long I was originally going to say Brazil is like Panama, but with more AIDS. Problem is most Americans think everything south of El Paso is Mexico.

  • oldrooster October 29, 2015

    Ha ha. Someone did a driveby from a fucking yugo.

  • dozer67 October 29, 2015

    @bobbabooey True, but most of us can only afford the Mexican women.

  • cellule October 31, 2015

    Ola pendeshoot!

  • whitechristian October 31, 2015

    Looks like he took off just in time to avoid the shoot back to show him how it's done.

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