Hit him already

Big Jeff
21,890 Views 1 year ago

Stop fucking around with it and take this mother fucker out. They say it's the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Well there's your grease bro.

  • darksider803 November 8, 2015

    I have stopped fights like this just by getting close to the loudmouth and putting him on the ground quick.

  • cruiserman November 8, 2015

    Nice work

  • crazyvet November 8, 2015

    I didn't mean to hit me like that.

  • cellule November 8, 2015

    No watermelon where harmed during the making of this video.

  • potrostation November 8, 2015

    Stop hitting me bro!

  • spartan22407 November 8, 2015

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes...White thug asked for it...fuckem.

  • whobe November 8, 2015

    He said hit me not kick me across the floor.

  • bobbabooey November 8, 2015

    Judging by the camera quality, this either happened ten years ago or in Russia.

  • truckingman November 8, 2015

    I do congratulate the African American young man for ignoring the ASSHOLIC SHIT for a few seconds. I would have let the ASSHOLIC SHIT Talk himself to boredom and he leaves or he first strikes me.

  • keefchief November 8, 2015

    This niqqa mopped the floor with that guy

  • aquahollic November 8, 2015

    ask and ye shall receive

  • big_daddy305 November 8, 2015

    He would've gotten hit the first time he got close to me.

  • picklehiesner November 8, 2015

    Careful what ya wish for

  • nybadguy November 8, 2015

    What else can i do for you?

  • ludenlasivius November 8, 2015

    Beatdowns available upon request.

  • maddog123 November 9, 2015

    They never had. A daddy to teach them how to act and bring them up with a belt across there ass that's the whole problem in a nut shell

  • happyjack November 9, 2015

    ^^^^^^ nope sorry beating a kid won't teach them anything. Why not act like can intelligent human being and have an open and honest relationship with children where they can trust and rely on you and your advice, to the point that they are not fearful of retaliation of physical violence for telling you the truth about something?

  • oldrooster November 9, 2015

    Fuckin whiteboy is all bark and no bite.

  • siko666 November 9, 2015

    Have it your way at BK...(Beating King)

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