Talk about a twofer

Big Jeff
15,361 Views 1 year ago

We've all had bad days, but some days you feel you've hit rock bottom then someone hands you a shovel. Well someone just showed up to this guy with a load of TNT, and a handful of pickaxes.

  • sbohica November 15, 2015

    He mighta got a boo boo from that..

  • stenchfart November 15, 2015

    hate to be his insurance company

  • crazyvet November 15, 2015

    So it's the Mexicans that teach Asians how to drive?

  • mykejp November 15, 2015

    Take two aspirin and walk it off.

  • potrostation November 15, 2015

    Studies say that if I spend hours each day sitting on my ass will kill me. Going out side doesn't seam that promising either.

  • bobbabooey November 15, 2015

    Hey hombre, that's what sidewalks are for.

  • corruptedsob November 15, 2015

    It was an ugly car and shirt anyway

  • whobe November 15, 2015

    Where was the red circle of death?

  • tookalook November 15, 2015

    Olay beaner!

  • truckingman November 15, 2015

    I see two people at fault in this video. First, the pedestrian in the pink shirt who walked to and down the side of the street. Second, the ASSHOLIC DRIVER of the black car whom was driving on the wrong side of the road trying to get past everyone in lane. I am surprised that no one got electrocuted by the fallen power pole.

  • truckingman November 15, 2015

    Also, I hope everyone who was involved in that accident in alright and safe.

  • ludenlasivius November 15, 2015

    Pink beaner in the corner pocket.

  • truckingman November 15, 2015

    In today's world, you doing anything is a fifty fifty risk of injuring yourself or dying Potrostation.

  • fatlarry November 15, 2015

    All because they were late to a nail appointment

  • maddog123 November 15, 2015

    This will be the future of the driver less Google cars keep them fuckers in California.

  • pizzapie November 15, 2015

    He was a dick anyway

  • oldrooster November 15, 2015

    Oh man. I really hate to see things like this happen. I will be hours before they restore power to that block.

  • big_daddy305 November 15, 2015

    This world needs a cleansing. Too many people on the planet. Survival of the fittest doesn't work because technology pretty much ensures that the playing fields are all level (except in less fortunate places).

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