Another biker hits the streets

Big Jeff
14,374 Views 1 year ago

Ok maybe the title was a bit more literal than expected, but still satisfying. He looks like he's hamming it up a bit because he wasn't hit that hard.

  • darksider803 November 16, 2015

    Looks like she got her man.

  • bobbabooey November 16, 2015

    I thought the bicycle was gonna get it.

  • whobe November 16, 2015

    She was reminding him that he is late on his child support payment.

  • honkie365 November 16, 2015

    Why did he cut that car off????

  • vulture November 16, 2015

    oh look its a woman what a surprise

  • bb71 November 16, 2015

    Women drivers, no survivors.

  • danielcan November 16, 2015

    Smash her in the face with the helmit; I fucking know the thought crossed his mind.

  • truckingman November 16, 2015

    Big Jeff he still did a three quarters of a flip in the air where the car launched him off his bike. Also, you have an excellent choice of music for this video.

  • aquahollic November 16, 2015

    has there ever been a motor scooter overseas that actually completed its trip?

  • maddog123 November 16, 2015

    That would have killed my old ass last summer I was just sitting on my bike burning one kick stand down and I got a rush and rolled off bike that was it broke three ribs broke shoulder, OK I no who gives a fuck.

  • h0rhay November 17, 2015

    On the gas out of the corner with a car coming on a side entrance. Amateur move. Poor reaction time. Nice aerobatics!

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