Middle eastern Rambo sucks

Big Jeff
23,436 Views 1 year ago

Rambo of the Middle East sucks. He can't even shoot a gun one handed. To top that he dies after just one bullet is shot at him.

  • bobbabooey November 22, 2015

    Spray and pray never works, especially when your God doesn't exist.

  • ouch November 22, 2015

    @bobbabooey When I spray she is normally on her knees & it looks like she is praying :) she says Oh GOD! then" mother fucker" under her breath lol

  • sbohica November 22, 2015

    And for the fact he looks like a goddamn dweeb, it was prob a ricochet that got him!

  • potrostation November 22, 2015

    One shot,one kill. The sniper way.

  • truckingman November 22, 2015

    He exposed himself to long, before he fired and during firing his rounds, to the enemy. It was all it took for an enemy infantry soldier or an enemy snipper to hit him.

    Just shaking his head at this soldier death by stupidity, ..........

  • anomic November 22, 2015

    Usually the guy with a machine gun is the one you wanna shoot lol

  • fatlarry November 22, 2015

    You know its kinda like when you are at the ball game doing a crazy dance and realize you are on the jumbotron and everyone is laughing because you look like and idiot except your dead

  • mykejp November 22, 2015

    Here's your Darwin award Habib.

  • maddog123 November 22, 2015

    Fucking starts to get interesting then cut old be store post anyway

  • woodchipper30 November 22, 2015


  • michaelinmd November 22, 2015

    Ha Ha Ha - Muslim show off !!!

  • ludenlasivius November 22, 2015

    Pssst, Achmed. You see those sandbags in front of you? Yeah, those are there for a reason.

  • bennyboy19 November 22, 2015

    Thumbs up to the sniper.

  • oldrooster November 22, 2015

    That fucker done lost his damn mind.

  • cyberbu11y November 22, 2015

    @woodchipper.. Ur right I watched it again. U can hear the shot and then his hat flew off from the upward trajectory

  • vaticider November 22, 2015

    Garsh, Sha-zam, Gall-lee Sargent Carter I plum forgot to duck. Andy's gonna be cross with me.

  • cellule November 23, 2015

    That was so stupid I bet he's now a virgin in his new life.

  • whobe November 23, 2015

    Daddy why are these guys always fighting? Long story short they are trying to get their goats back.

  • whitechristian November 23, 2015

    He's so full of hate he popped his top.

  • jerseygoy5353 November 23, 2015

    Ha Ha Ha-that's great--1 down 1 billion more to go-it can be done we have the technology

  • cruiserman November 23, 2015

    I like this, it makes me sleep soooo GOOD!

    Greetings from Sweden.

  • ibetdaddy November 24, 2015

    there will be one sad sheep tonight

  • dozer67 November 24, 2015

    Happens to me all the time when I play Call of Duty....

  • ptsd33 November 25, 2015

    Pick up your hat asshole

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