CrazyShit Dating

David G.
36,051 Views 1 year ago

I'm starting a new dating service for the peanut gallery. Having trouble finding your perfect match because of petty things like being in love with white guy farts? Send in your video. We'll keep an eye open in our mailbox to any reply from your future sweetheart. It doesn't matter if you're into white guy farts or some other strange bondage. Let us know!

  • sbohica November 26, 2015

    @toreal... Why's ur voice so fuckin high? Are u really a bitch?

  • vulture November 26, 2015

    if he comes round here i'll blow his MF head off

  • potrostation November 26, 2015

    Michel Obama looks weird with out the wig.

  • pizzapie November 26, 2015

    I ate at taco bell, I have a few good juicy farts for ya

  • picklehiesner November 26, 2015

    Do black guy farts smell different ?

    • mr.voorhees March 27, 2017

      @picklehiesner Just try it out ...

  • cyberbu11y November 26, 2015

    ^yeah apparently they smell like white guys cum

  • bobbabooey November 26, 2015

    That explains her lack of hair and the color of her skin.

  • nybadguy November 26, 2015

    First it was cow's ass holes. now it's white man's farts. These niggs are MF fucked up.

  • whobe November 26, 2015

    @picklehiesner I guess they smell like shitlins.

  • maddog123 November 26, 2015

    There you go truck n man oh don't get ups set happy jacks its nothing personal she just likes white guys cause our diet has a hardy beef and bean deal going on and you black dudes eating all that watermelon well she don't won't hit in the eye with a watermelon seed .

  • assmasterson November 26, 2015

    I hate ISIS as much as the next guy, but if it's because of videos like this that they have it in for us, I have to admit...I understand.

  • darksider803 November 26, 2015

    What did someone donkey kick @toreal in the balls.

  • woodchipper30 November 26, 2015

    @nybadguy YES YOU ARE SO RIGHT

  • joedumber November 26, 2015

    thanks for posting this so i can stay away from this guy.

  • fatlarry November 26, 2015

    Will the real Michael Jackson please stand up, will the real Michael Jackson please stand up

  • allcaps November 27, 2015

    there is a black life that matters right there...

  • whitechristian November 27, 2015

    That's the same Nigga eating cow ass.

  • rouge_et_blanc November 27, 2015

    First up is this female or male? I think he/she must be lighting the farts as they seem to have burnt his/her hair off.

  • wisebastard November 28, 2015

    i will sell you my white guy fart for........

  • aquahollic November 28, 2015

    is this the same guy from the cow ass sniffing video?

  • mr.voorhees March 27, 2017

    Norman Bates turn into a black? *confused*

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